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K & N Motorcycle Air Filter

K & N Street Bike Air Filter and Accessories

K&N air filters are used by automotive enthusiasts around the world to give their vehicles large amounts of air flow into their engine which in turn results in an increase of horsepower. These K&N air filters are designed to be a lightweight, high flow air filter that protects your engine from dust, sand, dirt, grim, and other debris that can enter your intake system and significantly damaging your engine.



K&N is a California based company that has rooted itself in Riverside California. This company is a world leading manufacturer of high performance, reusable air filters and air intake systems. It’s a common fact amongst motor enthusiasts that more air and cooler air will bring more horsepower to your engine ultimately giving you a bigger smile every time you twist the throttle or push the pedal. K&N began their revolution of the high flow air filter back in 1969 and have made countless efforts to perfect their products throughout the years. They sell over 5,000 products worldwide in over 30 countries to help people around the world get every bit of horsepower out of their vehicles.

K&N High Flow Air Filters

Here at BTOsports.com, we supply our customers with the high flow K&N air filters for various makes and models of street bikes. Whether you are a rookie or a vet, these K&N air filters will definitely bring a smile to your face as your notice the increase in horses between your legs. Your bike will literally thank you for giving it the air it did need, but wanted in order to run exactly how it wants to; plus, you will definitely notice the increase in power your bike has after an easy installation of this K&N air filter. We have these high flow air filters for Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Honda, Victory, KTM, BMW, and Kawasaki street bikes so finding one for your bike should not be a problem.

Prices vary as these air filters are made specifically for each different make and model of street bike and motorcycle so make sure you are purchasing the correct K&N high flow air filter for your motorcycle. These high flow air filters are made to help protect your engine against dust particles and other debris that may pass through your stock air filter and on top of that, they will allow your engine to breath more than ever which will squeeze out a few more horses from your street bike.

K&N Air Filter

K&N constructs these air filters with a unique high flow design that optimize performance and are designed to match the OEM sizing specifications to ensure you are going to have a perfect fitment that does not require modifications. Along with that, these air filters are made to last as they come with a million mile manufacturer warranty from K&N and as long as you take proper care of your new K&N air filter with regular cleanings you should have no problems with your new high flow air filter ! If you have any questions regarding your purchase give us a call, shoot us an email, or use our new Live Chat Feature for a fast and reliable response from one of our sales reps.


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