Roland Sands Design Boots

Roland Sands Design Street Boots

Roland Sands is California native company that specializes in custom motorcycles, products and apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts across the world. These Roland Sands Motorcycle boots are top quality street boots that will keep your feet protected from debris with their 100% top grain cowhide outer construction. These RSD boots are top of the line and produced by the best, for the best. The Roland Sand Boots are amazing, developed by Roland Sand Designs out in Alamitos, California these boots and made specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. BTO Sports offers some of the best products on our website and these Roland Sand boots will not disappoint you motorcycle street riders! Whether you ride street bikes, Harleys, or café sportsters, these Roland Sand Designs boots will enhance your riding experience and your feet will be thanking you for wearing these comfortable and durable motorcycle boots.