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Simpson Street Bike Helmets

Simpson Helmets are here at BTO Sports! We have a great collection of Simpson helmets and Simpson helmet accessories to choose from. Check them out below.

 Simpson Helmets

Simpson Motorcycle helmets

Simpson helmets are one of the many products that Simpson Race Products founded by Bill Simpson, a former professional American NASCAR driver. Simpson Race Products makes and manufactures various types of safety equipment to help prevent injuries within the motorsports world. Whether you drive race cars or ride motorcycles, Simpson helmets are one of the products that will keep you protected on the streets. BTO Sports has a great selection of Simpson helmets that come in numerous styles and color schemes, as well as Simpson helmet accessories to choose from.

Simpson produces over 200 racing safety racing products that include everything from seatbelts and fire suits to helmets and head restraints. Although we may not carry all of those Simpson products, we do carry over 7 different styles of Simpson motorcycle helmets. Some of the top helmets from Simpson that we stock in are the Ghost Bandit Carbon helmet, the Ghost Bandit Subdued helmet, and the classic Simpson Outlaw Bandit helmet. Along with those helmets, we also have a great selection of face shields that are helmet specific. These face shields come in a wide variety of tints to choose from so you can have the best vision possible in different weather conditions.

Simpson Helmets

The Simpson helmet that I like the most is the Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet. This helmet is just sick. It has a full Carbon Fiber outer composite shell and is incredibly lightweight. This Simpson motorcycle helmet comes with the OG bandit helmet style with a flashy carbon fiber appearance. The Ghost Bandit Carbon helmet is DOT certified to ensure your safety, and increasing your vision is the internal sun visor/face shield.

This Simpson Helmet has a tool-free removable face shield that can be replaced with multiple different tints. Keeping your head nice and cool on the hotter than average ride days is the dual adjustable chin vents and the top and rear vents. If you prefer listening to music on your rides you’re in luck! This Simpson motorcycle helmet is equipped with integrated speaker and boom mic pockets. Overall, this helmet is a great choice for all motorcycle riders and I guarantee you will turn heads as you rip up the road demons on your next ride.


Ghost Bandit Subdued Helmet

Another great Bandit helmet is the Ghost Bandit Subdued helmet. This helmet has all the same features as the original Simpson Bandit helmet but comes in a completely different color scheme. Available in 6 different shell sizes and a sick chromed-out color scheme, this Simpson helmet will shine your patriotism onto others… literally. This helmet is flashy, to put it simply. It has the stars and stripes of the American flag minus the red, white, and blue. This helmet doesn’t ship with the matching chrome face shield as shown in the picture, but it does come with the clear one. Check it out today!

We also carry the Simpson Outlaw Bandit face shield and the Street Bandit Helmet face shield. Both of these face shields are made specific to their specific helmet and come in over 5 different tints. Pick and choose which tint is best for your style, looks great on your helmet, and is going to be suitable for the weather you are going to encounter. From an orange tint, to the Iridium mirror tint, you will find the perfect color of tint for your new Simpson helmet today!