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Adventure Touring Motorcycle Gear

Adventure Touring Riding Gear



Adventure riding is the fastest growing segment of motorcycle riders in the World.

sections of dirt bike riders and sections of motorcycle riders converge on to adventure riding because it is relatable to both.

Fortune favors the bold, but

Fortune also favors the prepared. Going on an adventure requires a lot of preparation, which means buying a lot of necessary gear in order to weather the elements that you will surely face on your travels. Touring is tons of fun but battling mother nature can be part of that fun. Adventures can happen in any condition whether it be cold, hot, or wet.

Jackets pants helmets gloves and boots are just some of the things that you will need on your adventures. Many brands make jackets specific to the weather that you could be facing. all kinds of jackets exist. There are light jackets and jerseys built for hot dry conditions or heavier jackets that are built for extremely cold conditions or waterproof jackets that are built for wet and rainy conditions.

Not only are there different types of jackets for different types of occasions but pants also differ in usefulness depending on the riding conditions.

Even gloves offer different types of support depending on the type you get.

Adventure and touring are some of the most exciting ways to go riding. But you have to make sure you're ready. Although adventure riding is extremely fun, part of the excitement lies in the potential danger. you can limit this danger by having all the supplies that you need and the correct riding gear for the type of adventure you go on. You can visit the Mojave Desert Lake Tahoe, or Mount Baldy but you have to be ready for whatever comes your way in those conditions. Not every ride is like the coast of California. Sometimes you have to be ready for extreme heat, extreme cold, or high-altitudes.

You need totally different types of gear and accessories depending on what kind of adventure you're going on. For example if you're going to be riding in cold weather situations like Mammoth Mountain in the winter, you'll be needing supplies that will keep you and your adventure bike warm and humming. In cold weather conditions jackets are definitely key, but don't forget that you also need a pair of warm gloves and an extra warm pair of boots. many companies such as Klim, Olympia, and Leatt offer a heavier jacket for colder conditions. Little things like balaclavas and thumb warmers would also be extremely helpful in braving the Wintery conditions of freezing environments. You don't want to get hypothermia or frostbite. That could ruin a perfectly good adventure.

Much like the icy conditions of mountains what conditions can also be tricky on any adventure. In this case you would need a good rain jacket and all kinds of waterproof gear. many manufacturers make waterproof versions of their most popular items. For instance, TCX makes waterproof versions of their boots and Five gloves makes waterproof versions of their most popular gloves. Waterproofing yourself is key in wet conditions in order to avoid frostbite and pneumonia. Not only do you have to combat wetness yourself but you have to make sure your adventure bike can withstand increased exposure to water.

On the other hand, riding through desert conditions require a totally different type of gear set up than what you would need and wet or cold conditions. In hot and dry conditions you would need to dress light in order to keep cool. In this case you would need an adventure riding jersey instead of an adventure riding jacket. You would also need to have a lighter pair of gloves and boots that would protect you from the heat and arid conditions. A hydration pack would come in very handy for this type of touring. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are some of the major dangers when your adventure lies in the desert or hot weather. So be prepared when you want to tackle the sun and ride through the heat with the wind at your back.

BTO sports knows and carries all the gear and supplies you need to go on your next adventure or tour. We specialize in both my dirtbike gear and street bike gear, so naturally adventure riding gear is something we know a thing or two about as well. We even have all the parts and accessories you could ever want so that your adventure ride can go as smooth as it can be. From jackets and gloves, to thumb warmers and tires, to luggage and first aid kits, we here at BTO sports will have you ready for anything that you go up against when riding.

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