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Adventure/Dual Sport Batteries & Chargers

Dual Sport Batteries & Chargers

Don’t let a dead battery ruin your ride. Check out our selection of battery tenders and batteries today and make sure your bike is ride to ride when you are. We have a bunch of Deltran battery tenders to choose from with great technological features to safely recharge your dual sport motorcycle.

Dual Sport Battery Chargers and Tenders

We carry some of the best brands of batteries and battery tenders like Deltran, and Bikemaster so you can have the best selection of battery tenders. All of these chargers and dual sport motorcycle battery tenders are designed to keep your bike ready to ride every day so you don’t have to miss out on the perfect ride day.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Battery Tenders

The Deltran Super Smart Battery Tender is the best one you can buy and luckily for you it is currently on sale. This battery tender charges your battery safely with its smart technology. This charger automatically switches to float mode when your battery is fully charged so you do not have to monitor your battery as it charges. There is no danger of overheating or overcharging your battery because it comes with a 4-step charging processes. You can leave your battery connected to this dual sport battery tender for months on end so even during the winter season your battery will remain fully charged. This adventure motorcycle battery tender is designed to charge AGM, sealed maintenance free, lead calcium and flooded batteries.

Another adventure motorcycle battery tender from Deltran is the Batter Tender junior. Like the other Deltran battery tenders this is a small, compact battery tender that can easily fit inside a backpack or side saddle so you can easily transport it. It pumps out 12 volts at 750mA and also has a 4 step charging system. The charging system goes as follows: qualification, bulk charge, absorption, and float mode. This battery tender is also spark proof like the Super Smart battery tender so there it won’t damage your battery or the charger itself. Helping mitigate damages is the reverse polarity protection system. It indicates when your battery is fully charge or is still currently charging with the LED charge indicator.

Bikemaster Battery Chargers

The Batter charger and tenders that BTO Sports carries from Bikemaster are the Lithium Ion charger and the original battery charger/maintainer. The Lithium Ion Battery Charge from Bike Master is currently on sale for 10% off and is designed specifically for charging and maintaining Lithium Ion batteries. It has a built-in circuit protection system that protects your battery from being overcharged, short circuited and reversing its polarity so you do not have to worry about damaging your battery if it is left on for excessive hours.

It is Shock resistant and made with ABS materials to increase safety levels even further. Along with all of that, it is fully automatic so you can power it on when its needed and leave it alone for long time maintenance. This battery charger comes with an LED indicator as well that has a red light to signal that your battery is currently charging and a green light for when it is fully charged. The other battery charger has similar features that protects your battery from overcharging and damages but is made for non-lithium Ion batteries.

If you have any concerns about these products, give us a call, shoot us an email, or use our live chat feature to communicate instantly with one of our staff members. We are all highly qualified to assist you so be sure to contact us with all of your questions!