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Dual Sport Brake Levers

Dual Sport Motorcycle Brake Levers

Tired of breaking clutch and brake levers on your dual sport motorcycle? Looking for a new replacement lever to give your bike some extra style and flare? Well good thing you came to BTO Sports because we have a great selection of brake levers and clutch levers for dual sport motorcycles.

 Dual Sport Brake Levers

Dual Sport Motorcycle levers

BTO Sports has been working with the best companies in the motocross industry to bring you, our customers, some of the best motorcycle parts, accessories, gear, and apparel that we possibly can. By working with major companies like Fox, Troy Lee Designs, 6D helmets, and many others, we have been able to provide you guys with some of the sickest motocross gear and apparel on the market. This goes without saying that we put that effort into our line of street gear, parts, and accessories as well. We stock up in some of the best motorcycle street gear and parts we can such as Icon, Scorpion, HJC, Zeta, and PSR.

We have a great selection of brake levers and clutch levers to browse through from Zeta and PSR. We have a clutch and brake lever that will fit nearly every type of street legal motorcycle or dual sport motorcycle so you can easily find what you’re looking for. In my experience of riding dirt bikes, clutch and brake levers are one the parts that indivduals replace the most. A simple tip of could snap your lever in half, and if you don’t have a replacement part then your day is over. On the street, you may experience this problem less frequently, but it is still a good idea to have a couple replacement dual sport levers in your tool box. Zeta makes a great lever for street legal and dual sport motorcycles called the Flight Brake lever, and PSR manufactures the Click N’ Roll brake and clutch lever.

Zeta Dual Sport levers

Zeta is a company that rests under Dirtfreak. DirtFreak produces brand products such as: DRC, Zeta, and Motion and are currently selling those products in over 40 different countires. Their popularity has been rising consistently since Dirtfreak began in 2003, and as they sponsor top athletes like Taka Higashino and handfuls of road racers people are beginning to become more familiar with their products. BTO Sports carries the Zeta Flight Brake lever for our customers so check it out today!

The Zeta Flight Brake lever is one of the best racing bike levers on the market as it has been developed with the help of top racing teams. It has been designed with holes on the lever that decreases drag up to 300+ km/h, and the breaking point is pre-calculated in case of a fall. These dual sport levers are CNC machined from A7009.A6061 aluminum for a lightweight design. If you plan on racing these levers, you will be good to go as they meet the FIM and MFJ regulations.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Levers

PSR Dual Sport Levers

The PSR Click N’ Roll lever fits most dual sport motorcycles and street legal motorcycles. This dual sport lever is made with the high quality billet aluminum and is designed as a short length lever. It has the capability of being adjusted on the fly as it features 6 different lever positions and optional color lever adjusters so you can get a couple extra style points on the road.

If you have any questions or want further information regarding these products you can contact us over the phone, email, or live chat and we will be happy to assist you! Thank you for choosing BTOsports.com; we greatly appreciate your business.