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Hand Controls

Dual Sport Hand Controls

It doesn’t matter if you ride street bikes, dual sport motorcycles, or dirt bikes you are going to need the right hand controls to control your bike properly. We all have different preferences in how we want our hand controls to be set up, which is why BTO Sports offers a wide variety of motorcycle controls to search through.

 motorcycle Hand Controls

Hand Controls

Having hand controls that are set to your comfort levels is one way to make riding your motorcycle easier and more enjoyable. We are all different and like different feelings of grips, handlebars, and lever placements which is why it is important to get the right ones for you. The stock setup that you are given off the showroom is made for the average rider and for the most part is changed immediately by an avid rider. Depending on your style of riding, what terrain you will be riding one, and how aggressive of a rider you are will dictate how you will adjust your hand controls, and which ones you will be purchasing.

Dual Sport Hand Controls

BTO Sports has everything from handguards, handlebars, brake and clutch levers, motorcycle mirrors, and plenty of other accessories to get your bike dialed for you. Like I mentioned before, we are all different and want different feelings on our bike. What setup your best friend has may not be what you like; in fact it may be the exact opposite of what you want. That’s why it is important to test your bike with the stock setup that comes off the showroom floor and go from there.

Some of the hand controls we have that will help increase your feeling and control of your motorcycle are the ODI Ruffian road Race Grips and the Renthal 7/8 Street Road Bars. These are only two of the many products that we carry to help you get the most out of your riding experience; we also have mirrors, various sets of handlebars and grips, and a wide range of clutch and break levers from some of the best companies within the industry.

Motorcycle Controls

The ODI Ruffian Road Race Grips are currently on sale for 10% off and come in two different colors: Black and Grey. These motorcycle grips are made with a medium compound which makes them comfortable and tacky. Although made with medium compounds instead of a hard compound, these grips are still more durable than other leading brands out there and do not compromise performance for comfort. If you want to increase their longevity even further, you can throw on some end plugs and make sure your grips don’t get torn when you hit the ground. Made to fit the standard 7/8th handlebars, these grips will most likely fit your handle bars without a problem.

Speaking of 7/8th bars, the Renthal 7/8th street road bars are here and currently on sale for 10% off. These bars are a go to option for most motorcycle riders because they are comfortable, have great feeling, and are strong enough to handle a few crashes without bending or braking. These types of hand controls make riding easier and more enjoyable because you get set your bars in a position that is comfortable for your riding style. They come in a wide variety of bends so make sure you know which one you are getting before checking out. If you don’t know which type you have or which type you prefer, you can do a little research or just go for and learn by trial and error.

 Motorcycle Handlebars

 Motorcycle Hand Controls

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