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Adventure Touring Communications

Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets

Many touring helmets these days are designed to be compatible with motorcycle communication headsets. A Bluetooth motorcycle headset is a safe and hands free way to instantly enhance the riding experience, whether in a group or riding solo. They are a great way to communicate and stay connected with others throughout the ride, allowing group rides to be more social. Motorcycle headsets also enhance solo rides by acting as an entertainment device. Most headsets are capable of syncing to a mobile phone which greatly expands their functionality. Riders can listen to music (MP3s or radio), get traffic reports, or follow turn by turn navigation through GPS. The wireless headset is a no brainer for any rider who spends substantial amount of time on the bike. The hard part is deciding which one to get!


Sena - 20S


The Sena 20S is a top of the line Bluetooth motorcycle headset. It is a full featured device that allows up to eight riders to communicate up to a distance of 1.5 miles (2.41 Km). Eight connections is a very nice feature, but it begins to get a little difficult to have a conversation with that many people at one time. To combat this, the Sena 20S has a grouping function that allows riders to be divided up into channels for less chaotic motorcycle communication. The Sena 20S connects to devices made by other Bluetooth motorcycle headset manufactures.


The Sena 20S is more than just a rider –to-rider motorcycle commination device. It has many other functions that make it one of the best motorcycle headsets currently available. The Sena 205 can sync with a smartphone so the rider can take hands-free phone calls. The rider can also listen to music uploaded on their phone or with the FM radio built into the headset. One very unique feature of the Sena 20S is that it can be controlled though a mobile app (iPhone & Android). Through the app, riders can set their radio stations, voice commands, volume, voice channels and more. Perhaps the greatest feature of the smartphone app is that it eliminates the need to remove the helmet every time something needs to be reconfigured. The app also has a set up guide so riders don’t have to carry the manual everywhere they go.


 Sena 20S Bluetooth


Uclear - AMP Helmet Audio

The Amp Bluetooth helmet audio is another great Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Using the Boost Plus speaker system, the AMP produces fantastic audio quality that cuts down on background noise which often makes motorcycle communication difficult. Their patented Digital Signal Processing allows the Uclear AMP to triangulate the riders voice to find that “sweet spot” in order to deliver exceptional clarity. This Bluetooth device is perfect for communication between riders on the same bike, as well as other riders in the group (up to 500 meters). The Uclear AMP Helmet Audio system creates a seamless experience because of its concealed microphone position. This Bluetooth device is great for music as well. The device has bass and treble controls to enrich the sound performance and enhance the music listening experience.


 UClear AMP Bluetooth Headset

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