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AGV Dual Sport Helmets

AGV Helmets

AGV dual sport helmets are right here at BTO Sports.com. We have a massive selection of dual sport helmets and adventure helmets from some of the world’s leading motorcycle helmet companies. AGV is an industry leader as it produces high quality dual sport helmets.

 AGV Helmet


AGV is an Italian motorcycle helmet firm that was founded by a man named Gino Amisano back in the 40’s, 1946 to be exact, as he had a passion for the motorcycle industry and racing. AGV began in Alessandria, Italy and started developing and producing leather seats and motorcycle saddles to provide riders with a more durable and comfort seat. AGV began producing its first motorcycle helmet in 1947 and ever since then they escalated into being one of the most demanded motorcycle helmets in all of Europe.

AGV Helmets

One of the dual sport helmets and adventure helmets that we have is the AGV AX-8 EVO Nofoot dual sport helmet. This adventure helmet, or dual sport helmet, is made with a sick new graphic design and comes in two different color schemes. This AGV helmet is constructed with a fiberglass, Carbon and Kevlar shell that is deemed SSL (super super light). This dual sport helmet incorporates a breathable Dry-Lex fabric on the inside that has a sanitizing treatment to keep bad bacteria from developing on the inner lining.

Let’s face it, after a long day of riding in 80+ degree weather, our helmets get a little stinky, a little sweaty, and just gross. This Dry-Lex fabric helps keep your lining clean and fresh for the next time you throw it on. Along with that, this motorcycle helmet has a ventilation system that channels air through the helmet lining to help keep you cool and dry. This dual sport helmet is DOT and ECE approved so you should have no problem rocking this AGV helmet at the race track.

Dual Sport Helmet

Looking for ample protection and perfect comfort? Check out the Karakum AGV helmet. This can be your new favorite motocross helmet, dual sport helmet, or adventure helmet; all you need to do is check out and it will be delivered to your door step by the end of the week that’s if the weather allows it to. This dual sport helmet from AGV integrates a great ventilation system that channels air through key areas of the helmet that helps keep the riders head nice and cool, and also allows for ample drying of your inner lining.

 AGV dual sport Helmet

This motorcycle helmet is one of the lightest on the market because it is constructed with the same Carbon, Kevlar, and Fiberglass shell construction as the AX-8 EVO AGV helmet. What separates this helmet from the others is that it incorporates a flat, dual face shield that has non-scratch and anti-fog properties as it is made from poly-carbonate. This dual sport helmet meets the DOT requirements, but not ECE so if you are importing into Europe, you may have difficulty obtaining this helmet. Don’t kill the messenger!

AGV Dual Sport Helmets

Trying to stand out in the crowd? Perfect! The AX-8 Grunge helmet is a stealthy, badass helmet that is guaranteed to turn some heads. This AGV dual sport helmet is made with the same SSL construction as the other two AGV helmets. With the Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass shell construction you will not want to take this helmet off. Incorporating a great ventilation system and the Dry-Lex internal padding, you will be cool, calm, and collective in this protective yet comfortable dual sport helmet. The face shield is tinted black so you get that badass stealthy appearance and it also helps reduce sun glare. DOT certified and ready to go, this adventure helmet will be your new favorite piece of motorcycle equipment.