Alpinestars Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Alpinestars Touring Motorcycle Gear

BTO Sports carries some of the best brands of adventure riding gear like Alpinestars. Alpinestars makes a large variety of motocross and street protective gear, jackets, boots, and accessories. Check out our selection below.

 Alpinestars Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Alpinestars Adventure gear

Alpinestars has been producing high quality, race performance motorcycle gear since the mid to late 60s. They began their uprising by producing ski boots for people looking for superior boots to help protect their feet and legs. After finding discovering a large demand in the motorcycle industry for similar products, they shifted their focus and manufacturing boots, jackets, and other gear that will keep riders safe on and off the track. The collection of Alpinestars adventure gear that we have here at BTO Sports is one of the best. We strive to provide our customers with high quality race gear for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Alpinestars Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

The line of Alpinestars adventure gear here at BTO Sports consists of: boots, pants, jackets, and more. Currently in our selection of Alpinestars adventure and dual sport motorcycle gear is the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots. These boots are constructed with an innovative later ankle protection that incorporates a biomechanical link between the upper and lower portions of the boots. This ankle protection system helps mitigate torsional forces of the ankle and leg to provide the rider with superior support and control. These boots also incorporate an advanced TPU protection layer that covers the heel and toe box to enhance structural rigidity in key areas of impact.

Not only do these Alpinestars adventure boots provide riders with adequate protection, but they also give the rider exceptional flex and range of motion. The advanced instep and the Achilles accordion flex zone gives the rider adequate comfort, control and support. Along with that, the High modulus shin guard is built with an innovative vertical flex blade system to improve the forward and backward control while increase the resistance to high impacts and abrasions.

If you are a rider that has larger calves than the average individual these boots are perfect for you! The Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex dual sport boots have a wide entry aperture that incorporates a TPR and Velcro closure flap. This closure flap allows the boot to have a broad range of fitments to accommodate for riders with larger calf sizes. This gives individuals a precise and comfortable fitting adventure boot that can be worn under or over their riding pants.

Alpinestars Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Some of the adventure motorcycle gear that Alpinestars produces is the Resist Tech denim pants. These are motorcycle pants that look similar to your tradition pair of denim pants, but are made specifically for motorcycle riding. This type of adventure riding gear incorporates an interior reinforcement panels in the seat, hip and knee areas that is constructed from Kevlar. They have removable hip protectors that attach with Velcro and they also have CE certified knee protectors. Although these may look like your average pair of casual pants, they offer a whole lot more than what meets the eyes. Give these pants a gander today and you will be surprised by how much protection they truly offer.

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