Cortech Gloves

Cortech Dual Sport Gloves

Looking for a new pair of motorcycle gloves to ride your dual sport motorcycle in/ BTO Sports has you covered with some of the best motorcycle gloves from top companies around the world. Our selection of motorcycle touring gear and dual sport gear is vast, so start browsing and find your next set of dual sport gloves.

 Cortech Motorcycle gloves

Cortech Gloves

BTO Sports has been in business since 1999 and we know a thing or two about the motocross and motorcycle industry. We have a great selection of dual sport gear and motorcycle touring gear to choose from because we know that our customers deserve nothing but the best. We love to cater to our customers every needs and with that, we provide you with the Cortech dual sport gloves.

Cortech is a motorcycle company that produces high performance motorcycle gear for various types of riders. They specialize in dual sport riding, adventure riding, and sport touring gear as well as gear for snow and winter athletics. Cortech makes a wide variety of products, obviously, so choosing the perfect one for you may not be the easiest with our great selection. You can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase of Cortech dual sport gear though.

Cortech Motorcycle Touring Gear

Here at BTO Sports, we have a couple different dual sport gloves and adventure touring gloves to choose from. Cortech makes the DX2 and GX Air 3 glove, and we have those in a wide variety of color schemes so you can have the ultimate selection. Let’s get into what makes these dual sport Cortech gloves so special.

The DX 2 glove is an all-purpose motorcycle glove that is perfect for dual sport riding and sport touring riding. These dual sport gloves are constructed with a 0.8mm palm material with internal foam padding for extra protection. They are ergonomically configured to increase grip and comfort so you can get the most feeling while using your controls. There are made with a durable 2-way stretch material in the thumb, fingers and top of the hand for unrestricted movement.

Along with that, the Clarino panels are strategically located on the thumbs to increase wear resistance and durability. Clarino is a synthetic leather material that is three times stronger than true leather and has microporous properties to allow heat and sweat to pass through with ease. The knuckles and wrist panels are reinforced with Neoprene to provide flexible comfort and protection against roost and debris.

 Cortech gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

The GX Air 3 glove are slightly different then the DX 2 glove. These motorcycle gloves are made with a comfortable, abrasion resistant mesh and perforated goatskin that is located in the back of the hand and fingers. This motorcycle touring gear also incorporates Clarino forchettes that increase range of motion, comfort, and protection. Along with that, these motorcycle gloves have adequate durability thanks to the goatskin palm and foam padding that reduces shock and better absorbs vibrations of your motorcycle.

Cortech thought of nearly everything with these gloves as they incorporate armor-link 3 mesh on the cuff that is combined with the goatskin for a comfortable fitting motorcycle glove. Cortech makes amazing motorcycle touring gear, but don’t take it from us. Get a pair of these Cortech gloves today and feel the difference for yourself.