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Shoei Adventure Helmets

Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

Are you seeking a new adventure/dual sport helmet that is one of the best on the market? Then you need to check out our collection of the Shoei adventure/dual sport gear today. We have a wide selection of Shoei adventure gear to choose from so start shopping today.

 Shoei adventure Helmets

Shoei Helmets

Shoei has been established as a synonym with “premium” within the motorcycle helmet market. Something, a credential, that hundreds of people wear with pride and would choose nothing else to keep them protected. Shoei began in 1959 when the very first Shoei motorcycle helmet was produced. They started in Japan and Shoei helmets are still handmade in Japan where they utilize their innovative and sophisticated process. These processes have been the backbone of their production and could not be made possible if it weren’t for the 50+ people who take part in manufacturing these helmets.

Shoei helmets are derived from a racing background which enables them to incorporate state of the art technology. By gaining insight from top racers and teams within the MotoGP world, Shoei is able to produce world class helmets that keep champions of MotoGP and AMA Motocross/Supercross protected each and every year. Riders such as: Marc Marques, Bradley Smith, Josh Grant, and Dean Wilson all trust Shoei helmets to keep their heads protected every time they get on a bike.

Shoei Adventure Helmet

Shoei helmets are comprised of 6 main characteristics that are different then their competition. The helmet shell, liner, interior system, ventilation system, the face shield and the chinstrap are made with the best materials possible to ensure a rigid, comfortable, and protective motorcycle helmet for everyone to wear. The Helmet shell is made up by combing hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass, organic fibers, and resin. They have AIM & Aim+ technology that increases their strength and protection while decreasing their weight.

They come in various shell sizes to ensure a perfect fitment for riders of all head sizes. The Ventilation system on the Shoei adventure/dual sport helmets, and all of their helmets as a matter of fact, are put their the R& D testing wind tunnel to ensure maximum air flow with the least amount of drag. The air is channeled throughout the EPS liner that allows air to cool the entire head of the rider throughout their ride.

 Shoei Dual Sport Helmets

Shoei Dual Sport Helmets

The Face Shield increases the riders protection against the wind and other debris that may cause harm to the rider such as: shards of rubber, dirt, insects etc… and the face shields are constructed with UV protection to helps prevent their eyes from being damaged from the sun’s UV rays. The Interior system of this Shoei adventure/dual sport gear is carefully thought out. The inside lining is important because it is the center of comfort and fitment for the helmet.

They are made to match the shape of the riders head for a precise fitment and with that precise fitment comes unparalleled comfort. Some of the Shoei adventure/dual sport helmets that we have here at BTO Sports are the Hornet X2, the Hornet X2 Seeker, the X2 Navigate, and the J-cruise helmet. All of these helmets are going to be made with that technology, innovation, and protection listed above.

The Hornet X2 helmets come in a wide variety of color schemes and graphic designs depending on which one you choose. The Solid, the Seeker, and the Navigate are similar helmets with only differences in the paint job. These helmets come with the Multi-ply matrix Aim+ shell construction that helps to mitigate the forces of impact transferred to the head. It also has the CNS -2 shield system and the 3D max –dry interior system. These systems provide the rider with a clear line of vision and a UV resistant face shield and a great ventilation system that keeps the head of the rider nice and cool throughout their ride. Check out all of our Shoei motorcycle helmets, adventure helmets, and dual sport helmets right here at BTOsports.com!


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