6D ATV Casual

6D Casual

BTO Sports doesn’t just sell motocross gear, parts and accessories. We also sell a wide variety of casual clothing and apparel so riders around the world can rock their favorite motocross and off-roading companies. With the 6D line of apparel here at BTO Sports, you can wear your helmet brand on and off the track.


6D ATV Clothing

6D makes some of the best dirt bike helmets on the market and have incorporated state of the art technology into them to increase the safety of riders around the globe. They are a relatively new motocross company that has built up a renowned reputation within this industry. BTO Sports has a great line of 6D casual apparel to choose from such as: hats, hoodies and Tees. The hats come in two different styles, the baseball hat style and the flat bill snapback. Both are great looking hats and can bring smiles to the faces of kids, and adults! Our hoodies and shirts from 6D are made from genuine quality materials to keep up with the active lifestyles of those who wear them. If you are buying these brand of casual apparel, you most likely have a connection with the motocross or off-roading industry and love to be outdoors at the races, in the dirt, or just a family member that supports their loved ones. Either way you look at it, the 6D clothing will keep you ready to rumble everywhere you go!