Kolpin ATV Saddle Storage

Kolpin ATV Accessories

Looking for a reliable saddle storage box to throw on the back of your ATV? Check out the Kolpin Saddle Storage that is on sale now here at BTO! This is a great storage box that can hold tools, supplies, spare parts, or whatever can fit inside to help you get the job done faster, and easier.

The Kolpin ATV Universal Saddle Storage is perfect for individuals who use their ATV as utility vehicles around the property, or a plan B when the adventures don’t go as planned. The Kolpin Universal Saddle Storage is easy to attach to the back of your ATV or UTV. It has a lockable latch that keeps your valuables safely secured inside without you having to worry about them falling out. If you have any questions you can give us a call, use our live chat feature, or shoot us an email and we will do our best to assist you throughout your purchase!