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ATV HMF Exhaust Systems

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HMF ATV Exhaust

In 1997, Hans Luenger founded HMF Engineering, Inc. in his garage in Cleveland, Ohio. HMF was initially focused on building for Fast By Ferracci; they needed aftermarket, private label, high-performance Ducati Motorcycle exhausts. The workload gradually increased, and by 1999 these changes prompted Hans to bring in three friends and purchase a building in Brooklyn, Ohio. The goal in the new location was to diversify the product line and improve the manufacturing process.

The story of ATV HMF exhausts started soon thereafter, because once HMF was in its own space, the team began to design and manufacture its own line of aftermarket high-performance exhausts. They started with the Honda RC 51 and the Honda 400EX ATV HMF exhausts. At that point, Hans got into racing to improve his understanding of the market and more effectively expand HMF.

In 2002 the business headed into the realm of ATV HMF exhausts in earnest, bringing the sophistication and high technological know-how of the street bike line to bear on the ATV market. By 2004 HMF was gaining prominence thanks to collaboration with successful racers and sheer determination. ATV HMF exhausts have retained their place in the industry ever since.

ATV HMF Exhaust

This year marks the 20th anniversary of HMF's first development of after market exhaust systems. These two decades of experience, improved technology, and winning at the track are poured into every ATV HMF exhaust system. From dirt to rock to mud to pavement to sand, ATV HMF exhaust systems significantly increase the torque and horse power on your ride and augment your sound into something intensely aggressive.

HMF engineers and builds after market exhausts for a variety of work, sport, and recreational vehicles for both off- and on-road use. ATV HMF exhausts are known as one of the highest performing aftermarket exhausts for ATVs and UTVs throughout the off-road community. If you're interested in learning more about HMF exhaust systems, give us a call anytime. We are more than happy to answer your questions.