Gibson ATV Exhaust

Gibson Exhaust Systems for ATVs

Gibson Exhaust was founded by a husband and wife team in the early 1990s. The Gibsons had spent lots of time looking for more torque and power because of their motorhome, and they felt like nothing on the market was fitting the bill. Finally they took control of the situation and hired technicians and engineers to help them create the exhaust systems they wanted to see on the market. They started to create prototype models and Gibson Exhaust ATV was born.

Gibson ATV Exhaust systems

The Gibson Exhaust goal was simple: more fuel performance per dollar from a cost-effective system. The end result of this kind of system would be a cooler running engine, expanded power bands, improved fuel economy, increased horsepower, more torque with less noise, an uncompromised engine lifespan, and a hassle-free system from installation to operation.

Gibson Exhaust succeeded in these goals, producing the extremely cost-effective Gibson Exhaust ATV systems that are legal in all 50 states. Gibson provides exacting installation specifications for each exhaust system, so installation does not impact factory warranty and users can be sure they will get all of the system's benefits and that the system will fit properly.

Gibson ATV Exhaust

At BTO Sports we know you're looking for high performance. We stock Gibson Exhaust ATV systems because they consistently outperform so many other brands. Gibson Exhaust ATV systems give you 3 to 5 more foot pounds of torque, an extra increase of 2 to 4 rear wheel horsepower, and 2 to 3mph. Whether you're looking for the Gibson RZR XP1000 single exhaust slip on system or the Gibson RZR XP1000 dual exhaust slip on system, we will have what you and your ATV need.

If you have questions about Gibson Exhaust ATV systems, give us a call. We are here and happy to help you figure out how much you have to gain from installing this kind of system.