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Trail Tech - Voyager Pro (Universal ATV/UTV) Zoom

Trail Tech - Voyager Pro (Universal ATV/UTV)

Product Code: trail-tech-voyager-pro-atv-utv-universal
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Universal Voyager Pro from Trail Tech (Fits all ATV/UTV Make/Model)


DO NOT connect the Voyager Pro to AC power except when using the AC wall charger. Connect it to a switched 12V DC power source with the Voyager Pro is off as well as the vehicle. When connected to the battery the charging should begin and while charging the Voyager Pro should have full functionality.

For Vehicles with DC Power:
The Voyager Pro Requires DC Power. Only Vehicles with a battery or capacitor and regulator/rectifier produce DC power. The Voyager Pro requires the power wire to be directly connected to the vehicles 12V battery. 
Connect the red wire to the positive(+) battery node and the black whire to the negative(-)node.

For Vehicles with AC Power:
Use the Voyager Pro AC wall charger or upgrade to a DC electrical system. Most MX bikes output AC power but the Voyager Pro requires DC Power!


  • The Voyager Pro uses a Glove Friendly 4” Touch Screen that display various pages to augement your riding experience.
  • Map Screen:
    • The Map screen is the focal point of the Voyager Pro. From this screen there are many features avaible to you. First, the map overlay can be personalized to change the color and style of map. Once that is done it should become easier to plan routes, adding customized waypoints along the track. The map screen is also the place where you can import and export your GPX files!
  • Buddy Tracking Screen:
    • The Buddy Tracking system is the best way to keep track of people you are riding with. Create a Ride group of up to 20 buddies and view them using the Voyager Pro. This feature does not require cellular service but still is capable of long range connectivity allowing everyone in the ride group to go at their own pace without losing them. If that becomes the case, the Voyager Pro comes equipped with an emergency beacon that alerts all members of the ride group with flashing red beacon of the distressed person.
  • Cluster Screen:
    • The Cluster Screen is where the dashboard guages are kept. From this screen you can track speed, temperature, distance traveled, elevation and voltage.
  • Media Playback Screen:
    • On the Media Screen you can control the music that is playing from your phone. If it's too loud or soft, you can change the headset volume from this screen as well. This is also the screen that allows access to phone dialing, call history and other messaging features. *Also Compatible with Sena headsets*
  • The User Screen:
    • The User Screen is essentially a blank slate. From here you can add up to 6 gauge readouts from a comprehensive list to display on screen. 
  • Other Features:
    • GPS Satellite in Range Tracking
    • Stopwatch
    • Tachometer
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