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100% Tees

Casual 100% T-Shirts

BTO Sports has a huge selection of 100% casual shirts to stock up on! Check these 100% shirts out today and start repping this legendary brand.

 100% Tees

100% Casual T-Shirts

BTO Sports carries a wide variety of casual motocross apparel and the 100% brand is one of the best brands you are able to purchase from us. The brand 100% was started back in the late 70’s early 80’s as a no name company that appeared out of the blue. Drew Lien was the man behind the project and started up the company with minimal funds to his name, but by asking the question “How much effort do you give?” which ultimately became the slogan for 100%. Making connections and having the right friends growing up, he was able to make 100% the company it is today with investing $100 and have Rick Johnson put 100% on everything.

Drew Lien want to make clothing and have 100percent T-shirts, and other clothing items that people could wear around the track, in town, or wherever their heart desired, but 100% quickly become an icon within the world of motocross. Rick Johnson would put stickers on everything, helmets, chest protectors, his bike, and other factory riders’ bikes; yes he would literally put stickers on factory rider’s bikes and any place he could to get people familiar with the brand. Riders would ask what it was, and Rick would reply with “Don’t worry about it, 100% is cool” and then before you know it Drew Lien had pro riders like David Bailey, Jeff Ward, even Bob Hurricane Hannah on his team.

Rick Johnson pressed the issue of going deeper and making 100% t-shirts to wear, and even though that was Drew’s first idea with the brand he found himself low on funds and unable to do so. With a little motivation from Rick, Drew quickly began making money off of the 100% tees and you are now seeing the development of this company with the 100% t-shirts present on this page.

100% Apparel and Tees

100% tees are amazing! They are lightweight, comfortable, and have elegant designs that are subtle, yet flashy. There are handfuls of t-shirts to choose from so finding one that you love will not be hard, what will be hard is trying to only choose one! Luckily for you, these 100% t-shirts are on sale at 10% off and are affordable enough to not only by 2, but 3 or more! The 100% Old School T-shirt is one of my favorites as you can find photos of Drew Lien back in the day wearing the same styled t-shirt along with many others of the 100% team. Another one of my favorite t-shirts is the 100% modern tee, it is straight forward and to the point and allows the essence of why 100% started. You must give 100% into everything you do in order to be the best otherwise you may regret the outcomes you disabled yourself to achieve.

There is more to the 100% tees and t-shirts than what meets that eye and that is exactly what Drew Lien wanted to achieve by starting this company. It is not the style or the design; it is the meaning of the logo and what it means to you, the individual wearing it. Hopefully this gives you a new appreciation to the 100% logo, and next time you throw on your 100% T-shirt, remember why Drew Lien and all of his followers that helped to shape this brand into what it is today.