Alpinestars Socks

Motocross socks

Alpinestars is a top tier motocross company that has been produces world class products for various levels of action sports. Whether you are a road-racer, or an off-road enthusiasts Alpinestars is one of those companies that everyone within the industry is familiar with.

 Alpinestars Socks


Being a major producers of hiking and skiing boots back in the 60’s, Alpinestars quickly made a transition into the motocross and road-racing scene by designing and manufacturing protective gear like motocross boots and motorcycle jackets. After building up a world class reputation around the world, Alpinestars began producing other moto attire like casual clothing, hoodies, pants, and socks. They have a couple different lines of socks, all of which are designed specifically for on purpose. Whether you are looking for a sock to rock around the house to keep your toes warm and cozy, or a race ready motocross sock, Alpinestars has you covered.

Alpinestars Motocross Socks

With their Coolmax socks that are designed specifically to keep your feet warm on the cold days and cool during the hot summer months, these Alpinestars socks will help you stay comfortable on and off the bike. There are two types of Coolmax Alpinestars socks: the Tech Coolmax socks and the Pro Coolmax socks.

The Tech Cool max socks are designed with an elastic cuff that helps reduce slippage and bunching, an arch support system to provide the wearer with maximum comfort and a perfect fit, and are lined with density cushioning on the heel, toe, insole, Achilles, and shin area for unparalleled comfort and durability. Along with all that, these Tech Coolmax Alpinestars socks are designed with an anti-bacterial and non-odorous material.

The Pro Coolmax are designed with those same features, but have a little extra in the tank to separate them from the competition. The Pro Coolmax Alpinestars socks are constructed with a Nostatex sole which enables these socks to have excellent moisture-wicking properties and have unmatched levels of breathability. Another great feature that these Alpinestars socks are equipped with that separate them from the Tech Coolmax a sock is that they are sized for knee length which makes them a great candidate for individuals who wear knee braces. Available in three different color schemes, these socks will make a noticeable difference in the comfort levels of your rides.

Alpinestars Socks

If you are not looking for a new motocross sock to wear under your knee braces or with your boots, check out the more casual line of Alpinestars socks. The Summer Touring sock, The Road Racing sock, and the winter socks are great options for stocking stuffers, random gifts, or holiday surprises. The Summer Touring sock is constructed from the same Nostatex material as the Pro Coolmax so they have the moisture-wicking and breathing capabilities as well; along with that, they have a ribbed designed that reduces bunching at the heal and ankle and are mid-calf length.

The Road racing Summer socks are the perfect sock for track and road use as they have superior moisture-wicking material and constructed from the Coolmax fabric to help keep your feet cool and dry throughout the race or ride. Finally the winter socks are the ones you want to wear all day long. With amazing comfort and lightweight Thermolite material, these insulated socks are ones are perfect for wearing around the house on brisk mornings and chilly nights.