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SlayCo Shirts

BTO Sports and Axell Hodges have teamed up to bring to you some of the best t-shirts in moto. Axell Hodges is an assassin on a dirt bike and has developed a calling of fans like no one else. The young social media phenom has one of the sickest styles on a dirt bike and produces video content that goes viral within minutes. With all of that being said, we guarantee that if you are into motocross then you have heard of Axell Hodges.

Slayco T-Shirts

Recently, Axell Hodges has been growing consistently and with his new line of Clothing, Slayco, he is about to get even bigger. Since BTO Sports signed Axell Hodges as a sponsored rider we have gained the perks of being the exclusive dealer for Slayco. Slayco is Axell Hodges line of motocross casual wear such as t-shirts! BTO Sports is proud to bring our customers and all the Axell Hodges fans Slayco products to keep you looking fresh throughout the off season. Whether you are at the track, cruising around town, or just chillin’ at the house, Slayco will up your style and turn heads everywhere you go. We have a great supply of these Slayco Tees, but don’t let our massive inventory fool you! Slayco Shirts are selling fast and will not be available for much longer.

Slayco has a variety of shirts to choose from such as the Slasher line and the Sword line. The Slayco Slasher line consists of three different shirt styles: black, white, and camo. The black and white Slayco Slasher Tee is the lower end tees that have a simple Slayco logo on the front with an American Flag on the sleeve. These two shirts are made from 100% cotton that provides you with superb comfort and unparalleled style. The Slasher Camo shirt is a bit more expensive, but for a good reason!

Slayco Slasher Tee

The Slayco Slasher Camo Tee is constructed with a different weaving process that gives you maximum comfort all day long without sacrificing durability or strength. This Slasher Camo tee is constructed with 100% ring spun cotton in order to give it its strength and comfort. This technique filters out the impurities of the cotton which give the shirt its smooth finish while providing extra strength to the fabric. You can only find these shirts right here at BTOsports.com so buy up today before they are gone!

BTO Sports has a wide variety of Slayco shirts available for you to purchase right now! Axell Hodges has designed a sick line of moto clothing for everyone to love and enjoy. From the Slayco Sword Tee to the Slayco Slasher Tee, you are guaranteed to be looking fresh all day long, every day! The Sword tee is an Axell Favorite as it has the “Slay” Swords on the back of the shirt. The Sword Tee comes in a military green color with orange graphic designs. There is also the Slasher Sword Crystal tee that is going to be dropping soon. If you reach our page and all are sold out, just hold on for a few more weeks as we will get these new Slasher Slayco tees in shortly!