This page is to serve as a useful guide for our new and existing International customers. Here you will find important information on order status, shipping offers, tracking, transit time, and other useful links.

International Shipping Rates and Delivery Times


Unfortunately, due to recent carrier notices, our services to the following countries are suspended - Russia, Ukraine, Brazil

Chile, Peru and Brazil Tax ID Requirements

Due to recent changes in postal regulations for Chile, Peru, and Brazil, it is now required to include the recipient’s Tax ID number on all accounts, packing slips and paperwork when shipping to these countries. Failure to provide this information will result in the non-delivery of packages. To comply with these regulations, Springer Nature needs the individual’s Tax ID number associated with their account. The following information outlines the specific requirements for each country:

  •  Chile: The Tax ID number required is known as RUT (Rol Único Tributario), which has 9 digits.
  •  Peru: The Tax ID number required is called RUC (Registro Único del Contribuyente), which has 11 digits.                        
  •  Brazil: The Tax ID number required is known as CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), which has 11 digits.

If you are in Brazil, Chile or Peru, please include your Tax ID in the special instructions at check out!

Priority Airmail International

Transit Time: 8 - 20 business days
Shipping calculated at checkout

USPS Express Mail (EMS)

Transit Time: 4 - 9 business days
Shipping calculated at checkout

UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Transit Time: 2 - 5 business days
Shipping calculated at checkout

Oversize Item Shipping Surcharges

Wheeled Gearbags$80.00
Rims (each)$20.00
Complete Wheels (each)$45.00
Bike Stands/Ramps$50.00
2-Stroke Head Pipe$30.00
4-Stroke Muffler$40.00
Complete Plastic Kit$40.00
Motocross Boots from $250.00 and Up$10.00
Motocross and Street Helmets $250.00 and up (Current Model)$10.00
Motocross Boots $249.99 and below$20.00
Motocross and Street Helmets $249.99 and below$20.00

Important Information - Educate Yourself

Before Shipment

  • All prices displayed on our website are in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise noted.
  • International orders may be subject to a 2-3 day credit card verification waiting period for security purposes.
  • Business days are classified as Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday do not count as "business days".
  • Shipping times shown are the estimated number of days your order is in transit after your order has left our warehouse. This doesn't mean it is always the exact amount of time after the order is placed online.
  • Your order will be shipped once all of the items for your order have been gathered in our warehouse, and they are ready to ship.
  • We have a revolutionary new "Live Inventory" display system on our site. In the product selection drop down menus on each product page, it combines the total amount of a certain item available in our warehouse, and all of our different supplier warehouses throughout the country. This new system will allow you to rest assured that the items you are ordering are not on backorder. All of the items on our site that appear to be "Available" are either in stock here at our primary warehouse location, or in stock at one of our other distribution centers throughout the country.
  • There are certain instances when we need to gather in items from our other distributor warehouses before we can ship your complete order.Most items that need to be sourced from our other supply warehouses will take 1-3 days for us to receive. Occasionally, it can take 4-5 business days. Our sales staff will notify you when this is the case.

Keep Track of Your Order

  • If you created a BTO Sports account, our sales staff will automatically update the status of your order. Simply log into Your Account and click - Order History & Tracking. This is where you will be able to click on your current order and find the updated status. If your order has already shipped, the tracking number will be linked into the status.
  • If you do not have an account, you can click on the "Track Your Order" link at the top of our website and enter in the respective order number to track. If the information is available at this time, the tracking number will be displayed. If nothing shows, there is a chance your order has not shipped yet. You can contact us for a status update via phone or email.

Some Helpful Tips for Tracking Your Order

  • United States Post Office Express Air Mail and Priority Air Mail both usually take 48 hours after being checked into our post office before any tracking information is available. Typically it will show a status of the package leaving Los Angeles (with no further information) until the package is checked into the customs office in your country.
  • ALL United States Postal Service shipping methods take longer than UPS shipping services
  • If you have selected United States Postal Service Priority Air Mail (cheapest shipping service) as your shipping service, please allow 7-14 business days for the package to arrive.
  • Packages shipped with UPS can be tracked consistently , begining the same evening that the order is packed here and picked up by UPS.
  • Tracking information for orders placed on weekends will not be available until Monday evening or later.
  • None of our shipping agents pick up shipments on weekends.
  • Please note that UPS does recycle their tracking numbers over time, so if your tracking status shows "Delivered," be sure to check the date and address to make sure it is not referring to a package from the past.
  • If you have further questions after reading these tips, please email us at or call 1-805-777-7601.

International Calling Codes

Click here for a list of international calling codes

All International Customers

All orders will be shipped with an original invoice on the box, which shows the full amount that you paid for the products you have purchased. This will ensure that your package processes through customs with no delays. Some countries have import tax laws, in which case you would be liable to pay import tax on the items you buy from us. Please do your best to educate and familiarize yourself with these policies in your country. You may be responsible for paying these fees once you have received the package. If you refuse and/or abandon an international package due to not wanting to pay duties or taxes, we cannot offer a refund.