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6D - ATR-2Y Solid Helmet (Youth)

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    6D - ATR-2Y Solid Helmet (Youth)
    The 6D Youth ATR-2Y Helmet is a kid-sized version of the adult ATR-2 Helmet, infused with the same technology and feature. Influenced by 6D's work inside the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III Contest, the ATR-2Y has Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) multi-impact outer liner and a replaceable Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) inner liner. As before, the two liners are connected via a series of elastomeric isolation dampers, assisting in progressive loading of the ODS system during impacts. Isolation dampers have been replaced by “damping towers” that are incorporated into the outer liner and capped by low-friction disks that slide freely against the inner liner during impacts providing a freer more effective energy management system. A Cervical Protection Zone works to protect the neck and spine while the ATR-2Y’s shell has been optimized to perform in concert with the Advanced ODS. A Brow Rib strengthens the shell at the eyeport area and the EPP chinbar provides improved impact protection to the jaw area.

    • Advanced ODS system improves energy transfer mitigation at low-, mid-, and high-velocity accelerations for both linear and angular accelerations
    • Replaceable EPS inner liner for low-cost rebuilding
    • Increased ODS displacement travel (+30%)
    • Multi-impact EPP outer liner
    • Progressive damping towers with low-friction disks
    • Optimized, lightweight Tri-Composite shell
    • Brow Rib for increased structural integrity above the eyeport
    • Cervical Protection Zone
    • Air Gap Ventilation System with 16 transfer ports and 6 exhaust ports
    • Removable, washable comfort liner featuring Dri-Lex anti-bacterial fabric
    • Emergency quick-release cheek pads
    • Exceeds DOT and ASTM Standards