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6D Helmets

BTO Sports has a great selection of 6D Helmets. Check out our inventory below and start protection your head and brain with one of the most demanded motocross helmets on the market. We have various styles of 6D helmets so finding one that suits your style should be a breeze.

 6D Helmets

Robert Reisinger is an expert at designing mountain bike suspensions with numerous patents. The 6D name comes from the six directions of three-dimensional space. The six degrees of freedom concept is similar to the six movement axes of a Yamaha R.I as measured by the IMU. The Omni Directional Capabilities comes from chemically formulating elastomeric materials into unique molds. It’s further perfected it through researching the densities, their compressive and ratios. He spent about 3 years perfecting the elastomer technology.

One of the hottest helmet brands to hit the market has been 6D. 6D helmets made waves when they entered the motocross world with rider Eli Tomac’s big crash in the Oakland Supercross. This allowed the helmet to be put to the test in front of the whole world. And it passed the test with flying colors. If you were the director of marketing over at 6d Helmet you could not have asked for a better time or place for this test to go down.

6D Technology

One of the primary drivers of 6Ds features is brain protection. All helmets these days are being equipped with state of the art technology that ensure these helmets are better than ever before. There are multiple new protection system that helmets are being designed with to ensure the safety of riders and hopefully increase the longevity of their careers. The Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) is one of these systems and is feature within the 6D helmet design. This ODS technology is the most prime feature in these helmets. In the event of a crash the ODS reduces the transfer of low threshold energy and angular acceleration to the brain upon impact. It encapsulates a multi-layered liner system that is conveniently displaceable.

6D helmets also come with an elastomeric isolation which acts similar to a suspension system. Being equipped with Deal EPS liners, the 6D helmet is enabled to optimize low-energy impact and lessen the amounts of stress transferred to the head and brain. 6D helmets also utilize a superior ventilation system to keep riders cooler than ever before. The ventilation system in the 6D helmets works in the form of a gap between the two liners to optimize airflow without compromising structural rigidity. This system is further reinforced by 15 transfer ports, quad adjustable intake ports, and the five exhaust ports to allow air to pass through with ease. These features are just a few of the aspects that makes 6 D one of the most demanded helmets on the market.

6D Helmet Accessories

There are ATR-1/ATB-1 standard cheek pads, ATR-1/ATB-1 super cool check pads, ATR-1Y youth cheek pads, ATS-1 cheek pads. All of which are designed to help optimize the fitment of your new 6D helmet to ensure you are comfortable and properly protected on your ride. There are also helmet bags to keep your new 6D Helmet looking fresh and prevent it from being scratched inside your bag. There is a double zipper pull-handle helmet bag with 4 attached D-rings, embroidered logo and full length zippered side pockets which are tear offs. It has a thick fleece interior and nylon carry straps and handles.

Here at BTO Sports, we strive to ensure you will be able to find everything you need to make your next ride on for the record books. Some helmet companies to not provide a spare visor with the purchase of a new helmet, so BTO Sports carries a great selection of replacement 6D helmet visors. WE have replacement visors, and mouthpieces for the ATR-1 helmet style, as well as replacement screws incases you lost the screws during a crash.

6D Helmet Sizing

BTO Sports carries a wide variety of 6D Helmets for riders of all ages and skill levels. Although these helmets are one of the most expensive on the market, they are by far one of the best you can buy. The best helmet is always the one that costs the most; helmets are only going to perform as well as they fit which is why it is crucial to understand how a helmet should fit you before purchasing one. The 6D helmet should fit nice and snug while having slight pressure on your cheeks. As you break in the helmet the cheek pads will become loser and feel more comfortable so you want it to be a little tight at first. You will know if a helmet is too tight within minutes of trying it on as you will most likely develop a headache and be extremely uncomfortable. If you have any questions regarding the sizing of your helmet, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you out!

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