6D Motocross Helmets

6D Motocross Helmets and Dirt Bike Helmets

6D dirt bike helmets, you could argue are the best helmets on the market today. They all offer a new style technology they call ODS which stands for Omin-Directional Suspension. This style of technology has a fully active, in the dirt bike helmets shell which offers suspension that manages energy being released for an impact. These dirt bike helmets are designed to help reduce and manage energy from an impact at low, mid and high velocity impacts that can occur from all levels of motorcycle accidents. 6D helmets claim that there are not other dirt bike helmets out there in the industry today that can protect like any 6D helmets can. Part of 6D helmets technology comes from their elastomeric isolation damper which is what they call the heart and soul of the ODS technology. These dirt bike helmets show case an array of 27 of these elastomeric isolation dampers which all work together to help absorb and dampen those low, mid, and high velocity impact that can occur while riding a motorcycle. 6D helmets have done a lot of laboratory testing showing low velocity energy and high velocity energy and the acceleration of energy.