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We know that having the best protection for your body is critical to having a long, enjoyable life on the bike. And for the kids in our lives, this is even more important! We have all those critical Alpinestars Protection motocross items to really enhance your overall riding experience.

Alpinestars protection

Alpinestars Neck Braces

The Alpinestars BNS Pro Neck brace features all the same technical advancements as its brother, the BNS Tech Carbon. However, the BNS Pro is introduced at a lower price point by replacing the carbon features with an equally strong, performance enhanced fiberglass- resin formula. The Alpinestars BNS Pro Neck brace offers riders the same optimum protection through the same engineering concepts. The crash impact is diverted throughout a greater surface area away from the neck. What makes the brace work so well is its ability to adapt to the user’s size. With the new SAS (Size Adapter System) the Alpinestars BNS Pro neck brace creates a tailored fit allowing all the features on the brace to operate at their full potential which maximizes the protection. The BNS Pro brace is adaptable to all forms of off road riding and snow cross.

This state of the art neck brace is used by professional athletes who choose to get the most protection for their bodies. Designed for motocross, the Alpinestars – BNS Pro Neck Support Brace is a must have product for those who participate in Downhill, and BMX. There are numerous factors that make this one of the best neck braces on the market. The Alpinestars – BNS Pro Neck Support Brace is manufactured with a high-performance glass fiber compound that maximized structural integrity and frame strength. The glass fiber compound in this motocross protective gear has made a crucial decrease in weight which allows this brace to weigh in at 1.78 pounds or 0.80 kgs, yet it still has the durability to withstand some of the hardest impacts during a crash.

Alpinestars has used unique safety features such as: the X-strap to ensure the Alpinestars – BNS Pro Neck Support Brace will be securely fastened onto your body, and stabilizer pads that are designed to transfer impact stress loads away from the spine. A major aspect that makes this neck brace a best seller is that it is compatible with a large selection of dirt bike protective gear such as: various chest protectors like the Alpinestars A-8 roost deflector and jackets like MTB Bionic jackets, Bionic Tech Jacket (men’s and youth).

This lightweight performance neck brace will provide support, comfort and most importantly, confidence to your riding experience. Alpinestars knows as well as anyone that true motocross protection starts at the neck!

Alpinestars Knee/Elbow Protection

The Alpinestars SX-1 knee guard has set the golden standard for knee guards. If you are the rider looking for the ultimate in knee protection but don't have the budget or want knee braces, be sure to give the Alpinestars SX-1 knee guard a try.

The SX-1 for starters is CE certified level 1. The upper and lower portion of the knee guard is constructed from a high performance polymeric material blend for optimized levels of flexibility and strength all while keeping these guards lightweight. The air-flow and ventilation of the SX-1 is second to none, there are strategically placed perforated panels offer maximum breathability

The SX-1 knee guard features Alpinestars Dual Gear System which is a dual pivot with integrated hinge gear to provide excellent mobility. The patella construction features a floating cup for continuous coverage, regardless of the leg position, similar to what you would find on a knee brace. Additionally the patella cup is backed by soft, viscoelastic padding for adaptive fit and breathable air mesh. The SX-1 knee guard is built to last, its made of a high abrasion resistant fabric and over injected TPU frame structure on the outer central knee cup area to provide impact absorbtion.

Alpinestars Vapor Pro Elbow Protector is an innovative & ergonomically optimized elbow protector that is made from light, breathable materials and is optimized for a great level of comfort and protection. The Alpinestars Vapor Pro Elbow Protector has a robust outer protection structure that provides a very close fit and has superb articulation for greater impact performance.

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