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Answer racing started in 1976.  Since then they have had an unwavering passion for motocross.  The organizations goal is to provide hardcore motocross enthusiasts with products they can trust.  This vision is still true today.  Answer racing engineers their gear for superior protection and a comfortable fit.  If you are a diehard racer or weekend warrior, answering racing has you covered.  Get your Answer products today at BTO sports. 


Answering racing provides several forms of protection.  Along with gear sets, Answer racing also provides helmets.  These helmets are extremely protective and worn by professionals.  Answer racing supplies several helmets for both motocross and BMX.  Find them here at BTO sports. 


Answers latest motocross helmets are very effective in safety and protection.  Each helmet is carefully engineered to protect the rider.  The Answer racing motocross line is known for its safety and affordable pricing.  This is a great option if you do not want to sacrifice safety.   The Answer Evolve 4 MIPS Helmet is pristine.  It comes in three different color options and exceeds ECE and DOT regulations.  The shell is made of injection molded polycarbonate.  This gives the riders head and nice safety blanket between the dirt and brain.  This helmet also helps reduce rotational forces that may occur during an accident.  Additionally, this helmet contains 9 intake vents which helps cool the head by re-directing air flow. 


Similarly, the older Evolve 3 carries the same safety measures without the latest ventilation system. This helmet was Answer racings key helmet before the Evolve 4.  Perhaps, the Evolve 3 laid the foundation for the Evolve 4


Answer helmets are also available to youth.  Answer racing provides the same safety to youths and adolescents. This allows parents to protect their children with the same safety features as the professional riders.  Available at BTO sports, is the Answer SNX youth helmet.  This helmet passes two of the toughest safety standards.  Wielding the same attention to detail as the professionals helmets, the youth helmets are just as safe. 


Additionally, BTO sport carries several other options for Answer racing helmets.  More specifically, BMX Answer racing helmets.  For instance, BTO offers Answers Faze BMX Helmet.  Available for both adults and youths, this helmet is a contender for top helmet throughout BMX. This helmet was designed for downhill mountain biking, freeride, and BMX.  The Faze features a CE and CPSC certification, an adjustable visor, and washable helmet liner. It offers great ventilation and fulfills all the riders or racers requirements, especially safety.  This helmet only weighs 2.5 pounds.  It is up to 40% lighter than a motocross helmet.   The best feature this helmet incorporates is the 21 large vents to create airflow for the rider.  This prevents exhaustion and keeps the rider cool.  This helmet is intended for BMX use only, not motorized vehicles. 


BTO sports also carries replacement parts and visors for Answer helmets.  Answer helmets are the premier motocross helmet.  Safety and comfortability are two key aspects in which Answer racing correctly incorporates into each helmet.  Get your answer helmets and other products at BTO sports.