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Atlas motocross gear is the first name in neck braces, chest protectors, and full body armor in motocross today. Atlas MX gear designed and tested by and for racers, and has been put through the ringer and developed to perfection around the necks of the pros who win championships all over the world.

Atlas Brand

Atlas Motocross Gear & Accessories

The minds behind Atlas motocross gear are led by Brady Sheren, a former Motocross and Supercross racer. It's this practical experience and vision that set team Atlas apart. In fact, both Sheren and Brad Mclean, the other driving force behind Atlas motocross gear, grew up in the industry, racing MX themselves and learning from their fathers who were both were iconic riders in the motorcycle industry in Canada.

The Atlas motocross gear difference

Atlas motocross gear produces neck protection designs that are revolutionary, using breakthroughs in safety and new materials to create new solutions to lasting problems in MX neck protection. Atlas neck braces are based on innovative designs that are more adjustable, stronger, more comfortable, safer, simple, and flexible, all within lightweight models at affordable prices.

Atlast neck braces are uniquely suited to protect you as you race. Based on multiple areas of flexible technology in every design, Atlas motocross gear offers every rider more protection by reducing the force of impacts on the neck and head and dissipating forces before they affect any other parts of the body. The result is dampened force spread over more area, not sharper impacts focused in smaller areas that cause more damage. The rigid designs of other brace companies just can't do this for you.

How does Atlas motocross gear achieve these results? Part of the secret is in smarter design. Atlas makes the most of high-end materials and scientific principles to ensure that each and every design minimizes impact force. However, the real strength of the Atlas MX gear product line is in the testing.

Atlas motocross gear works hard to mimic real life conditions in the testing of products. Doctors, scientists, and bio-mechanical engineers all staff the teams that test these products. Furthermore, actual racers who understand what riders need inform the testing process. Experience the difference: contact BTO Sports and get your Atlas motocross gear today. We are here to answer your questions and help you find the right Atlas protective gear right now.

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