Best Atlas Neck Braces

Top Atlas Neck Braces

Looking for a new neck brace? Look no further than Atlas. Atlas neck braces offer the best neck support on the market today. As a company, the Atlas foundation was built from the racers prospective and credible bio mechanical engineers to produce a product to meet the safety demands of motocross. Blend in the rigorous testing and feedback from the top professionals in the world and you have the Atlas neck brace. There are several reasons why you want to ride with nothing but the Atlas neck brace. Its simplicity, innovative design, comfort, and the experts behind the brace make the Atlas the top neck support around. The Atlas neck brace was created to be user friendly in all areas by removing unnecessary parts. The countless hours of research and development combined with the highest quality materials results in a different and innovative brace. By building off of simple yet ground breaking designs, the Atlas neck brace is extremely comfortable. By eliminating bulky parts, the frame is made to be light weight, and streamlined ensuring end users a snug fit optimizing protection. Lastly, the experience of the staff behind the Atlas neck brace is unmatched. Top level engineers and product testers like Ryan Villopoto pay great attention to detail to provide the best Atlas neck brace available. Whether or not you are riding the track or trails, motocross or bmx, by choosing the Atlas neck brace you can entrust you have the best possible neck support on the market today.