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Bell Moto 9 Helmet

Bell Moto-9 Helmets are some of the best helmets that Bell has to offer. Bar none, Bell is the biggest name in protection across all platforms of sports, not just motocross.. Bell has a focus on providing the most technologically advanced helmets for handfuls of action sports like motocross, Dowhnhill Mountain Biking, and BMX. Bell provides some of the best helmets on the market for a reasonable price.

 Bell Moto-9

Bell Moto 9 technology

The Moto-9 Flex is the most advanced helmet we’ve ever made, designed to manage linear and rotational energy to the head in certain low, mid, and high-speed impacts. The Moto-9 Flex is quickly setting a new level for rider protection in motocross and off-road racing. Here’s a look at what separates these great dirt bike helmets from the competition:

Progressive layering: A first-of-its kind, three-layer impact liner designed to manage energy from three potential impact scenarios: low, mid and high-speed.

Adaptive fit: Segmented construction, automatically conforming to a rider’s head for a better fit and more predictable energy management.

Rotational energy management: A “slip zone” within the impact liner allows for subtle movement between the inner layers and works to reduce rotational energy transfer from angular impacts.

Ventilation: With the new segmented and flexible liner in the Moto-9 Flex, we were able to add to the proven Velocity Flow Ventilation system to make an even cooler helmet.

Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS): Allows for easy removal of the pads for washing and enables emergency responders to easily remove the cheek pads first before removing the helmet following an impact. Revolutionary.

Tri-Matrix Composite Shell: A proprietary mix of Aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass delivers all the strength of carbon fiber in a more budget-protecting package.

X-Static® XT2 silver liner: A leader in antimicrobial fabric technology, X-Static material is clinically-proven to provide bacteria and odor protection throughout the life of the liner. The Bell Moto 9 is “Race Proven”, you can believe that, Because Bell has been making motocross helmets for as long as anyone has been making motocross helmets. They’re legendary!

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Bell has poured in tons of research for the manufacturing of dirt bike helmets, and the results show with the Bell Moto-9 . The most important piece of protection anyone could invest in is the helmet. Bell realizes this and tries to keep your head protected at all times, while you are doing the things that you love to participate in! Bell is a world renowned company that sponsors and supports handfuls of riders to keep them safe on the track, in the desert, or through the trails and keep them riding with confidence.

The Bell Moto-9 Helmet is one of the best motocross helmets that money can buy, and is up there with 6D, Troy Lee Designs, Shoei, and Fox. The Bell Moto-9 helmets come in a wide variety of makes and models, and price ranges to help riders get a reliable, affordable motocross helmet they can rely on. Whether you are looking to spend 400 US Dollars on a brand new Moto-9 Tracker or Camo helmet, or 700 US dollars on the Carbon Flex helmets BTO Sports has you covered.

The Bell Moto- 9 is one of the next helmets I am going to purchase as it comes with the MERS technology system. MERS stands for Magnefusion Emergency Removal System that is incorporated under the cheek pads to allow EMT to easily remove the helmet during emergency situations. This system does not require them to move your head as the cheek pads are magnetic and easily slide out of the helmet to allow the helmet to be removed with making movements that could cause serious injury.

Bell Moto 9 Carbon

The Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex is designed with key features that make it worth the money. Then again, you cannot put a price tag on your head, and if you are going to spend loads of money on a piece of motocross gear it should be your helmet. Unlike other bones and body parts, your head and brain are the two that cannot be replaced and do not recover from high impacts. Once you lose those brain cells they are gone for good. I have had too many concussions to count and trust me I feel the effects every day and notice them more and more as the years pass. Helmets should never be left to chance and individuals should do extensive research on helmets to ensure they are buying a helmet that will help reduce the chance on concussions and other brain injuries better than other helmets on the market.

Only a single step back from the top tier of helmets, the Bell Moto-9 Helmet is popular among both professionals and amateurs alike. Not only is protection a factor, but so is comfort and the Bell Moto-9 helmets exhibit some of the best linings and pads in the game. These Bell Moto-9 Helmets are definitely not a chore to wear as they are lightweight, comfortable, and on top of that they are designed with unique color schemes are graphics that are guaranteed to turn heads. Not only are the materials comfortable, but they are easy to wash as well. Hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects of extending the longevity of your gear and by maintaining proper gear maintenance you will be able to keep your gear for seasons to come. All these facts make the Bell Moto-9 Helmet the helmet to own for anyone.

Leveraging the segmented liner from our Segment bike helmet, we sought to achieve a more personalized, adaptive fit, for a wide variety of head shapes. In creating a first-of-its-kind 3 layer impact liner, we utilized a revolutionary combination of polymer materials to provide a “progressive” energy management system that’s designed to absorb low, mid and high energy impacts.

When it came to testing, our initial Flex samples outperformed any other motocross helmet we’ve tested to date. The result is no accident, the Bell Moto-9 Carbon is the most advanced helmet we’ve ever made and is quickly setting a new level for rider protection in motocross and off-road racing. Get your hands on a Bell Moto 9 Carbon helmet, and feel the difference today!