Big Gun EVO R Series Exhaust

EVO R Series Exhaust and EVO R Exhaust Accessories

There is nothing like having the right exhaust system on your bike, to make it roar. Bikes with Big Gun Evo exhaust systems are able to sustain incredible horsepower, no matter what the range of RPM your bike is running at. Crafted from stainless steel tubing, the Big Gun Evo will not rust and you won't experience the dings and dents some other exhaust systems do. A Big Gun Evo R exhaust system will keep your ride running at the level you expect, with constant torque gains throughout your ride. The Big Gun Evo R is an exhaust system riders count on for increased performance levels on every ride. With the Big Gun Evo R series, you can easily find a model for just about every make of bike. Big Gun Evo exhaust systems offer high performance silencers with pillow packing and removable spark arrestors. The Big Gun Evo is packed with strength, but doesn't weigh your bike down, keeping you moving at top speed. Big Gun Evo R exhaust systems are some of the easiest to install and remove, for ease in changing out your exhaust. Made with over 27 years of experience in racing, the Big Gun Evo R series offers everything you demand in an exhaust system and more. Riders who use Big Gun Evo exhaust systems love the way their bikes sound and love the increase in power they have. With a Big Gun Evo on your bike, you won't have to settle for lackluster performances on the track or off-road. Browse through the Big Gun Evo exhaust systems and find the perfect one for your ride.