Bottom End Rebuild Kits

Bottom End Rebuild Kits for Dirt Bikes

Bottom end rebuild kits are here at BTO Sports! We have a great selection of rebuild kits for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and KTM dirt bikes from Hot Rods. These dirt bike parts are currently on sale for 10% off right now, check out our supply below!


Hot Rods Bottom End Rebuild Kit

The Hot rods bottom end kits come with everything you need to rebuild your bottom end right in your garage. If you are the hands on, work on my own bike type of person, these rebuild kits are the perfect product for you, especially if you have a blown bottom end! They come with a complete crankshaft installation and Hot Rods offer you the choice between the Heavy Duty OEM replacement crankshaft and the Hot Rods Heavy Duty Stroker crankshafts. They also include the Hot Rods main bearings and seals, engine gaskets, for a complete rebuild kit! The only thing this kit does not include is the water pump seal; this is a part that will need to be purchases separately.

Wiseco Bottom End rebuild Kit

We also have the Wiseco complete bottom end kit that contains everything you need for rebuilding your bottom end. From the crankshaft and connecting rod to the bearings and gasket kits, you will have everything ready to go to put your bike back together, and with these parts meeting the OEM specifications you should have no problem fitting everything onto your dirt bike flawlessly. The connecting rods that come with this bottom end rebuild kit are double forged for increased strength and durability. The gaskets are made from top premium materials that exceed the OEM standards to help provide you with an impeccable seal between surfaces. The bearings in this kit are case hardened for maximum life and smooth operation at high RPMs. Along with all of that, this entire assembly is put through a corrosion resistant treatment process that extends their life span and improves the strength of the components of your new bottom end.