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Chain Lube

Dirt bike Chain Lube

Chain lube is one of the many chemicals a dirt bike rider must always have. Various companies make chain lube, chain guard, and chain wax chemicals to help extend the life of your chain and keep it rolling smoothly.

 Chain Lube

Chain Lube

Without chain lube, your chain can get dry, tense, and potentially brake when you least expect it. Chain lube can be found in various stores and motorcycle shops, but BTO sports has it for some of the lowest prices around. Chain lube is an essential motocross chemical that you should always keep in the tool box; whether you are going out for a day at the track or weekend in the desert, chain lube will always be one of the products you apply to your dirt bike before and after rides.

Chain lube helps protects your chain from misaligning with your sprocket teeth which can cause even bigger problems as time goes on. Chain lube also helps keep the dirt, rocks, and other particulates out of your chain bearings, links, and other small and hard to reach places to keep its longevity at a maximum. The Maxima chain lube we have here contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives which mitigate the chances of your chain snapping under tension, and also helps fight off rust corrosion. Even when your bike is sitting there as your recovering from an injury, or not riding it on those hot summer days, your chain will have some help lasting another season with this chain lube.

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