Clutch Baskets

Dirt Bike Clutch Baskets

Clutch baskets are on sale at BTOsports.com! Check out our great selection of billet clutch baskets from Hinson racing, and other top brand motocross companies.


Clutch Baskets for Dirt Bikes

Clutch baskets from Hinson racing are designed with Billet t6 aluminum to improve wear and tear resistance, heat dissipation, strength, and structural rigidity. These clutch baskets are designed to improve the life of your clutch and are guaranteed against breaking any of the fingers. All of the Hinson clutch baskets come with button type screws to mount onto the stock ring gear which makes for an easy installation process and a perfect fit. Along with that, these Hinson Racing clutch baskets are race tested and race proven by factory teams like Honda, Suzuki, and Pro circuit to ensure they are high quality race performance parts.

Dirt Bike Parts and Accessories

There is also the Barnett Billet Clutch baskets which are CNC machined from 2024 T-3 billet aluminum that increase durability, and are engineered to improve clutch life and performance. These clutch baskets utilize stainless steel drive inserts where the clutch plates contact the basket and help improve the clutches engagement.There are other dirt bike clutch parts and accessories on this page like pressure plates and inner hubs so make sure you are purchasing the correct clutch part for your dirt bike! If you have any questions, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!