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Brake and Clutch Levers

Dirt bike Clutch levers and accessories

Check out our great selection of dirt bike levers ! We have the top of the line levers to keep you riding your best.

Clutch and Brake Levers

Clutch and Brake Levers

BTO Sports has been within the motocross industry since 1999 and we are continuously growing into one of the largest online motocross retailers in the world. We have some of the best supply of motocross gear to choose from to keep our customers riding the best they can, and keeping them looking great while they do it. Whether you are an avid motocross racers, a casual rider, or riding in the professional ranks around the world. BTO Sports will have you covered from head to toe!

BTO Sports carries a wide selection of motocross gear, Parts , accessories and apparel to allow riders and racers do just that. Our selection of dirt bike levers is vast! Supplying individuals with some of the best dirt bike levers and accessories is allowing them to be one step closer to the podium and our ultimate goal is to help them achieve just that. It is not a factor if you are just getting into motocross or have been riding for years, BTO Sports has all the dirt bike levers you need at various prices to enhance your riding experience. We carry levers that are priced anywhere from 8 US Dollars all the way up to 55 US Dollars, and you are able to purchase them in sets to save even more money!

Dirt Bike Clutch Levers

These dirt bike levers and accessories are made from the best materials on the market, IF you are willing to pay the price. Top tier companies such as Pro Taper , Torc1 and ARC all make top quality levers and accessories that are used by the pros. Although not every lever, brake, or shifter may be the best and may break every once in a while, these parts and accessories are trusted by some of the best teams in the world. Pro taper has been helping professional AMA Motocross and Supercross teams make history by winning championships and help build a reputation that is one for the record books. Don’t just trust BTO Sports’ word, take it from the teams who rely on these parts and accessories each and every race to ensure their rider will be able to make it to the checkered flag.

We understand that your dirt bike is your pride and joy, and that motocross is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. The lifestyles we choose represent who we are as an individual and as a family, and the motocross industry is one giant family. Families take care of one another, which is why BTO Sports strives to provide the top of the line motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel to those within the industry as we want the best for our customers, and professional and amateur riders. The motocross industry as a whole is growing every single day thanks to the families pushing their kids, and the kids pushing themselves to be the best they can at a sport they love, but being the best means wearing the best gear and most importantly using the best parts and accessories.