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Dirt Bike Parts

Shop for Dirt Bike Parts

Looking for the best brakes? Want superb suspension? How about a stellar stand? Whatever it is you need, BTO Sports has the highest quality dirt bike parts and accessories for you to choose from – at the lowest prices!

Dirt Bike Parts

We are all riders and know that part of riding dirt bikes is crashing, and when you crash you will always need new dirt bike parts. That is why we do our best to offer you all the dirtbike parts and accessories you will ever need for your bike. You will find Honda dirt bike parts, Yamaha dirt bike parts, Kawasaski dirt bike parts, and other dirt bike performance parts all right here at an affordable price. We will price match other competitors of ours, and will always be running sales on dirt bike parts.

More about Dirt Bike Parts

BTO Sports is the world’s largest online retailer specializing in dirt bike parts and dirt bike accessories. Specializing in motocross for over 15 years, our inventory caters from everyone from the pro motocross racer to the weekend warrior. Whether you’re here for aftermarket dirt bike parts to upgrade your set up, or OEM parts to replace worn out pieces, we have what you need! Combo the our selection with the most competitive pricing and shipping deals in the industry, and BTO Sports becomes your leading store for dirt bike parts and accessories!


When it comes to keeping your bike looking good, or adding additional protection to your machine, be sure to check out our selection of dirt bike body parts. These parts include items like foot pegs, skid plates, plastic kits, front number plates, chain guards, gas tanks and more! Some of the more popular brands are acerbis, cycra, works connection, Moose Racing, and IMS. Check out our selection!


Looking for additional stopping power? BTO Sports carries the top products from brands like Galfer, Braking, and EBC just to name a few. We have items like over size rotor kits, brake pads, brake lines, rotor bolts, and disc guards. Check our website if you are replacing brake pads, or need to upgrade to a wave rotor. Wave rotors are designed to dissipate heat better, to give you the best stopping power without brake fade. We have the parts to ensure you’re braking later into the next turn with our top quality brake parts!


Have you checked your dirt bike cables lately? Chances are these have been overlooked. If your clutch lever is hard to pull in, it may be time to get a motion pro cable luber and lubricate your cable. If that doesn’t work, we have many other cables in stock. Don’t let a broken cable take you out of your next race!


Chemicals play a crucial role to keeping your dirt bike running in optimal condition. Chain lube, bike wash, and air filter treatment chemicals are all necessities for bike maintenance.  Some of the top brands include maxima and notoil.  Using these products and keeping on top of maintenance will keep your dirt bike running at it’s best for race day.

Dirt Bike Parts & Accessories


One of the most important aspects of your dirt bike is the drive train. Here we have parts like dirt bike sprockets, chains, chain guides, and wheel bearings. Sprockets are very important for bike set up, as the gearing can change where the power is on a dirt bike. A good rule of thumb to follow is 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket equals about 3 teeth on the rear sprocket. Adding teeth to the countershaft sprocket will increase top end speed, while adding teeth to the rear sprocket will increase bottom end power. Keep in mind the opposite effect will occur when removing teeth on the sprockets. (more bottom end power with a smaller countershaft, and more top end power with a smaller rear sprocket) With testing and tuning, you can find the perfect combo for your track. Keep in mind these parts constantly wear out, that’s why we have a ton in stock! Some top brands include renthal, protaper, DID, RK and Excel.


Electrical dirt bike parts consist of items like batteries, fuel mapping controllers, ignition, kill switches, and hour meters just to name a few. With all the new fuel injection engines these days, fuel modification has become another important aspect to consider when tuning your bike. With the CPU’s, mechanics are able to change the fuel delivery to adjust power curves for the rider’s liking. Hour meters are super important to stay up on maintenance, the works connection hour meter is very popular. Do you have a dual sport bike and its winter time? Be sure to grab a battery tender! These trickle chargers cycle your battery when you’re not riding it to keep it from dying when not in use.


The core of your dirt bike is the engine. BTO Sports carries all the parts you need to keep your dirt bike engine running at top performance, and parts to add additional horsepower! Did you blow your bike up? We have parts like complete bottom end kits, top end kits, and gasket replacement kits. While you’re at it, why not upgrade your camshaft for that extra torque to beat your buddies? Or maybe throw in a high compression piston and a Hinson clutch. Did you fall over and crush your radiator? We carry fluidyne radiators at a fraction of the cost of OEM replacements, and they have more fluid capacity! If you just need to do some bike maintenance we have oil filters, covers, and replacement clutch kits as well. Some of the popular brands in this category are Pro Circuit, Boyesen, CP Carillo, Wiseco, Hinson, EBC, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, and Athena.


Dirt bike exhausts can greatly improve your dirt bike performance! We have many different brands to choose from, including FMF, Pro Circuit, DRD, and more. We carry 2 stroke exhausts, and 4 stroke exhausts for your dirt bike depending on your model. You can choose from a full system, header, muffler, pipe, or silencer. We also have exhaust packing, spark arrestors, and quiet inserts.

Graphics & Seat Covers

Want to look like the factory teams or are your stock graphics scratched and rubbing off? This is the place to replace your graphics or your ripped seat cover. BTO Sports stocks all of the top team graphic kits for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, and Husqvarna. Some brands include D’Cor Visuals, N-Style, Factory Effex, Enjoy MFG, and Stellar MX. We can also customize graphic kits for your with your name and number!


Here we categorize dirt bike parts like air filters, reed valves, fuel programmers, and carburetor parts like jets and fuel screws. Looking for more power out of your two stroke? Check out or selection of reed valves for bolt on power gains. Or keep your intake clean (2 stroke or 4 stroke) with new air filters and backfire screens.Some popular brands we carry are twin air and moto tassinari.


Dirt bike suspension is extremely important to getting your dirt bike set up properly. We carry all the parts to get your suspension set up right. We have items like shock springs, fork springs, revalve kits, replacement swing arm bearings, linkage bearings, fork bleeders, and so on. The correct suspension set up can save seconds off lap times, while also saving your arms from arm pump. We recommend setting your sag to the manufacturer specs, purchasing the correct spring rate for your weight, and for the best tuning, invest in some valves, like the race tech gold valve. There’s a reason the pro’s always start with upgrading suspension before anything else!

Dirt Bike Wheel Parts

Complete Wheels

We stock complete wheels built by the best in the industry – Dubya. Dubya wheels are assembled here in Southern California with the best products. Talon hubs, kite hubs, with stronger spokes, spline drive nipples, and excel or DID rims. These complete wheels not only look trick, but they’re stronger than OEM, wheels, and are much lighter. The weight savings is huge for a motocross racer because this lowering the un-sprung weight of the dirt bike – meaning weight below the suspension. Weight savings here greatly improve handling characteristics.


Dirt bike tires, tubes and rims are all important aspects in dirt bike riding. Tires are another important aspect of motocross and dirt bike riding as they provide the rider with traction. Based off of the type of dirt, tires are made for hard back, soft pack, mud, sand, and intermediate terrains. They do this by tread pattern and rubber compound. Tubes are important because old tubes will lead to flat tires. A good rule here is every time you change your tires, change your tubes as well. Even if the old ones are still in decent shape, they can be saved for back up. Throw them in your tool box or riding pack out for out on the trail. You never know when you’ll need a backup. Dirt bike rims also need periodic attention. If you don’t want to spend the money on a new wheel set, you can just upgrade your rims to a stronger set like the DID dirt star rims or excel a-60 rim. It’s always good to check your rims for cracks, and ensure your spokes are tight. Not only does this prevent wheel damage, but it ensures your wheel stays straight.


Dirt bike controls consist of handlebars, grips, hand guards, throttle tubes, levers, steering stabilizers, and more. We have all the parts you need to get your proper set up so you can feel comfortable on the bike. Whether you’re looking for some new ODI emig lock on grips, or renthal twinwall handlebars we’ve got them. Upgrade your handlebars and levers today to keep them from bending out on the track and trail. We also sell grip glue to keep your grips from rotating on your handlebar. As you know, this can be one of the most annoying things when riding, it’s also dangerous!

Also, keep in mind you can always call our knowledgeable sales staff. Our staff is packed full of experienced riders, former professionals, mechanics, gear heads, and overall enthusiasts. If you have any questions about dirt bike parts feel free to give us a call 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected] We're here to help!!!

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