Motocross Disc Guards

Dirt Bike Disc Guards

Disc Guards are an important motorcycle and dirt bike accessory that can make or break your riding day. With a durable disc guard, your brakes will be protected from debris that can cause serious damage to your dirt bikes brake and brake components.

Dirt Bike Disc Guards

There are various companies that make high quality motocross disc guards that will keep your brakes protected from dirt, roost, rocks, and other debris that may cause damage to your dirt bikes brake system. Disc Guards come in various colors, sizes, and styles which may make choosing the right one a little difficult. With a great selection from various upper echelon companies within the industry, you can sort through them all to find the one that suits your preferred style and color.

There are multiple companies that produce race quality disc guards such as: Acerbis, Cycra, Lightspeed and Pro Moto Billet. These companies are here to provide riders and racers alike with a trust worthy, reliable, and durable disc guard that can handle the brutalities of motocross. Acerbis makes various styles of disc brakes to choose from like the X-brake front disc protector. The Acerbis X-brake front disc protector comes in two different styles, the vented and non-vented disc guards. These disc guards are constructed from a durable polypropylene that protects your disc brake from sticks, rocks, dirt, roost, and other debris that can cause serious damage to your dirt bike. Not only do they serve a valuable purpose, they also give bike a new look that is similar to the factory race bikes.

The non-vented style gives riders ultimate protection that also has slits designed specifically to allow airflow to the brakes to help the cooling process. Although these slits allow air to pass, the airflow is nothing compared to the vented series of Acerbis Disc Guards. The vented disc guard are available in 9 different color schemes to give you an unparalleled customization factor. The Vented disc guards are designed specifically to allow adequate airflow to your front brake while prohibiting debris from entering the brake system. Also, both of these front disc guards come with an extended coverage to help protect your caliper as well. Please not that these disc guards will not be able to be mounted on dirt bikes with aftermarket hubs as these Acerbis disc guards are only able to mount on OEM hubs.

Disc Guards

Cycra has disc guards that are used by factory teams like Factory Yamaha and Factory Honda. These disc covers are designed specifically to fit oversized brakes and stock brakes up to 280mm. These Cycra Disc covers cover your entire brake rotor to help protect them against roost and other debris that may prohibit your ability to make it to the checkered flag. They are made from a quality injection molded process that allows them to have a precise fitment and a great finished look. Along with protecting the brake rotor and caliper, these disc covers also increase the longevity of your brake pads. They are available in multiple colors so check them all out before checking out!

My personal favorite disc guard and the one I have on my CRF 450 is the Lightspeed carbon Fiber Front disk guard. This disk guard is designed to fit 295 mm oversized disk brakes, and with its carbon fiber construction, it is one of the most reliable, durable, and trusted disc guard on the market. I use the Lightspeed carbon fiber guards to protect all of my brake and drive components like my rear brake, chain, and even my engine casing. This Carbon Fiber Front Disk guard serves to purposes, one of which is protecting your dirt bikes brakes, but the other is lightening the weight of your dirt bike. Although adding additional parts can increase the weight, this Lightspeed disc guard is lighter than the rest and gives your bike a great factory look to it. Check them out today and if you have any questions, give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you.