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Dry Pak Industries offers a full line of standard and custom bags, pouches, films and other moisture barrier and esd products. We can provide you with finished bags or with roll stock depending upon your requirements. Custom printing is our specialty. Dry Pak Industries (DPI) offers a full line of VCI products including plastic bags (yellow, blue and green), paper sheets, rolls, foam pads, emitters, sprays, wipes, liquid solutions and other corrosion prevention medium. VCI protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rust, tarnish, staining, oxidation and corrosion. VCI is a chemical compound which emits a rust-inhibiting vapor into the air to eliminate the formation of rust and corrosion on virtually any metal surface. Packaging materials such as paper or poly film are the carriers for the VCI chemical itself. DPI's clean and safe VCI's help eliminate the need for messy liquid rust preventatives and other rust prevention products that are not friendly to the environment. DPI's line of VCI products are oftentimes used in conjunction with our Packaged Desiccants to offer the industry's most comprehensive solution to guard against long term condensation and corrosion issues.

The DryPak Waterproof Duffle is the gold standard for submersible storage options. These bags take waterproof to a whole new level! First off, their roll top design shuts out all water by rolling the top down and snapping the side release buckles. With two side pockets with water resistant zippers and adjustable, removable padded shoulder strap- these babies are ready to help you through anything. Anywhere! Extra heavy duty vinyl/polyester laminate with electronically welded seams and a clear design so you can see what's inside. Like we said- the Gold Standard!

And then there’s the DryPak Cell Phone/GPS/PDA Case. Talk about convenience! The standard phone case is 4" wide x 6" long, and this case is READY. A clear TPU front, blue TPU back, padded & lined all the way- they’ve thought of everything. Finally, an adjustable neck lanyard, anodized aluminum spring hook makes this item ideal for beach, pool, boating, surfing, waterparks, etc. It holds cell phones, PDA, GPS and more.

And those are just a couple of the great offerings from DryPak. There are a lot of DryPak storage solutions to choose from- so check them all out to find the one that’s best for you. These DryPak products are so versatile and user-friendly that you’ll wonder what you did before they were on the market.

So don’t go without- get yourself a DryPak to keep all of your Motocross, MTB and BMX gear stored in a cool dry place. With DryPak- you’re getting the best. Why worry when there are so many great DryPak options right here at BTO Sports with a price point that makes the decision to invest an easy one.

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