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Dubya Wheels

Whether you're riding Supercross pro, skimming the surfaces of huge tabletops or just a classic weekend warrior teaching the kids to hit the trails, Dubya wheels are among the best quality options in the business.

Dubya Complete Wheels


Dubya is widely known for their awesome wheel sets that use high-quality Talon and Excel components. As a business, Dubya wheels run the gamut from wheel restoration and individual wheel components to custom wheel building and Supercross/Supermoto professional off-road athletes.

Chances are great that you're always looking to do more—go a little faster, jump a little higher, clear just a little more air on your next ride. Dubya wheels are designed and built by people who ride and who are never satisfied by standing still, so they get where you're coming from on that. Dubya wheels are not about the status quo, and neither are you.

Dubya Wheels


Shop Dubya wheels at BTO Sports, because we know that a spare set of aftermarket wheels is an investment, and maybe even a slight luxury—but one that makes all the difference on your rides. Entry-level wheel sets can leave you cold, too heavy and sluggish in action, not to mention weak and too likely to break on you. Dubya wheels are safe investments, not just cool looking design- and color-wise but also light yet durable.

You'll also love how quick and easy installing Dubya wheels on your bike is. Their center hub diameters look just like what the pros are using, and these wheels are a simple, straightforward installation. You'll get a smooth ride and no extra drag on Dubya wheels, not to mention top-of-the-line comfort and handling.

For long-term durability, you really can't beat Dubya wheels. Even the most dedicated riders subjecting them to months of extended abuse will still feel they're getting a great ride on their Dubya wheels. Whatever your goals for your bike and your rides, Dubya wheels can carry you there, and BTO Sports can hook you up with the setup you need. We love to ride just like you do, so we are always up for questions and advice.


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