Engine Covers & Plugs

Dirt Bike Engine Covers and Plugs

Engine covers and engine plugs are here at BTO Sports and we have some of the lowest prices on engine covers, parts and plugs to choose from. Our products are made by some of the best brands in the industry like Hinson Racing, Works Connection Boyesen, Hammerhead and Yoshimura.


Dirt Bike Engine Covers

We have a great selection of dirt bike engine covers to choose from! If you are looking for some of the best made engine covers on the market, you have come to the right place. We have Hinson Racing clutch covers and engine covers as well as Boyesen Factory Racing covers. Pro Circuit is another company that we stock up on and you can now give your dirt bike a factory look with these high grade, race performance engine and clutch covers. The Hinson clutch covers are race proven to be some of the best and are used by factory race teams around the world. Factory Honda used these covers on the GOATS championship Cr250R and these products are designed to dissipate heat, be stronger and lighter than the stock covers, and are precision machined from Billet T6 aircraft quality aluminum that meets the standards and specifications of the aerospace tolerances.

Boyesen Engine Covers

The Boyesen Factory Racing ignition covers come in multiple colors to give riders the ultimate selection of customizing their dirt bike. These are cast aluminum engine covers that provide excellent heat dissipation and are designed not to warp unlike the stock covers. Along with that, they have a powder coated finish that gives them a sick factory look and shine. This finish is designed to resist weather elements and wear and tear. Strong, durable, and race ready, these Boyesen ignition and clutch covers are ready to handle bar to bar racing all season long! They come in a wide variety of colors depending on which bike you ride.

Pro Circuit Engine Cover

We also have the Pro Circuit engine cover that is currently on sale at 10% off! This engine cover is manufactured by using the latest designed and testing technology to make it lightweight, durable, and ready to handle the brutality of motocross all season long. This engine cover, like most, is capable of dissipating heat to keep your bike running at optimal temperatures, designed to be stronger and more dependable than ever before. Crafted from Billet T6 Aluminum that meets the aerospace tolerance standards, this engine cover is ready to race!

Dirt Bike Engine Plugs

We also have oil plugs and engine plugs to give your bike some added style a pizazz. These Works connection oil plugs come in a wide variety of colors to match you dirt bikes OEM colors and give you a factory look. You have the option of choosing from top brands like Works Connection, Hammerhead, and Zeta for oil plugs, dip sticks, cylinder covers, brake fluid covers, and much more. Most of these products are on sale so don’t miss out on these deals and start shopping now!