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Fly Racing

Vibrant, durable, and super fly, are terms that easily describes the Fly Racing motocross brand. Established in 1996, Fly Racing motocross originally began as a manufacturer of motorcycle handlebars and motorcycle helmets and has quickly evolved into one of the fastest growing off-road riding apparel and hard parts brands. BTO Sports proudly sells Fly Racing motocross gear, which is known for its colorful and high-quality products. Whether you’re riding with the Fly Racing dirt bike gloves or looking to improve your safety with a new Fly Racing helmet, there’s one thing for sure, your new Fly Racing motocross accessories will be boldly eye-catching and stand the test of time for all the wear and tear you will come across on your dirt bike. Nail those flat corners or take on some freestyle tricks, no matter what trick you’re accomplishing, comfort is key when riding your motocross bike.

Fly Racing Helmets

Fly Racing Helmets

Any motorcycle rider out there who is looking for a high quality dirt bike helmet you can end your search with the Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet. These Fly Racing helmets are top of the line and are worn by top professionals like Trey Canard and Andrew Short. Both these riders also have their own personal edition of the F2 Carbon MIPS helmet. These Fly Racing helmets come with a retail price of $400 but will not disappoint. They boast the new technology called MIPS, which stands for multi-directional impact protection system. This new technology was created to replicate the fluid in the skull to help reduce rotational forces due to high speed impact. For the entry level riders who are looking for a Fly Racing helmet, they can start out with the Kinetic helmet which has a retail of around $110. This helmet is both ECE and DOT approved so you can be assured you are getting a quality helmet. This fly racing helmet also offers 10 vents that align with the helmet liner to maximize airflow through the helmet providing the rider with as much airflow as possible keep them cool.
Fly Racing Gear

Fly Racing Gear

For riders who demand quality, go for the Fly Racing motocross gear . Items such as the 2016 Kinetic Jersey Pant Combo is described as pure poetry in motion and is not only stylish, but is phenomenal race wear to complement a rider’s natural movements on your dirt bike. You can start with Fly Racing’s top of the line gear set the Lite Hydrogen. These jersey and pants have high quality stretch fabric that remains super lightweight while also providing a high end breathable elastic woven fabric. This gear set is the set that is worn by professional riders like Trey Canard, and our BTO Sports team riders Andrew Short, Davi Milsaps, and Justin Brayton. You can also grab Fly Racing’s entry level gear set the F-16 combo. These set are sold at a retail price of around $100 and will offer you style and protection while riding that dirt bike.
Fly Racing Boots

Fly Racing Boots

If it is time for new boot don’t hesitate to go with a pair of Fly Racing boots. The Maverik MX Boot are very popular, on the BTO Sports website as far as Fly Racing dirt bike boots . These Fly Racing boots are more of an entry level priced boot with a retail of around $116. The boots also have up-graded their old style plastic heat shield with a new long lasting leather that will not melt when touched by your head pipe. The boots also have a steel internal shank which will help the riders who are standing in riding position for long periods of time. For the more experience riders who want great quality items they can jump up to Fly Racing’s high end boots the Sector. This boot will offer you more protection and comfort but will also cost you more and comes in at a retail price of around $440. Just like your head, your feet are one of the most important aspects when riding your dirt bike. Fly Racing motocross riding boots combine protection, durability, and value to keep you grabbing gears and flying high for years to come.
Fly Racing Protection

Fly Racing Protection

BTO Sports provides the best Fly Racing dirt bike accessories that allow you to shift gears and break out of the mold every day. These accessories start with their line of protection. Fly Racing offers everything from compression shorts made to be worn under your fly racing pants, to their leatt co-branded neck brace. Fly racing also has knee and shin guards starting at around $17and make their way up to a pair of Five-Pivot knee guards which have a retail of $80. Fly Racing also has two different style kidney belts that have a retail price of $30. Fly Racing has taken on themselves to have around 16 different options for chest protectors . Some are as simple as just an outer shell like the Stingray Roost guard with little to no padding inside. To the fully loaded 5.5 Pro HD chest protector which has all the bells and whistles you will ever need.
Fly Racing Goggles

Fly Racing Goggles

The Fly Racing goggles we have on the website are all a great value. The fly racing goggles start at a low price of around $14 for the Focus Goggle. This is about as low of a price on goggles you can get, so if low price is your main goal look no further than the Fly Racing Focus Goggle. Fly’s goggles make their way up to the $30 price range with their top of the line goggle the Zone and the Zone Pro Goggles. These will not be the best goggles on the market by any means, but Fly Racing will continue to deliver quality items at a very reasonable price.
Fly Racing Casual

Fly Racing Casual

Like all popular motocross and dirt brands, you have to support them by rocking their casual wear. Fly Racing has a wide verity of casual options for their loyal fans to choose from. Starting with the popular tees, tank tops, and jackets. But they take it a step further with belts, hats, board shorts, beanies, and socks. Every year Fly Racing will release a new line of casual wear and it tends to sell out pretty quickly so it is important to make sure if you find something you like to pick it up right away. Because chances are when coming back for your birthday or holidays to pick up that killer hoody, it will be gone.

Fly Racing Review Videos

Latest Reviews

Fly Racing - Kinetic Mesh Noiz Jersey, Pant Combo

Gear is Great!

This gear breathes well, and looks very nice! I am impressed and will be buying Fly Racing again.

Raptor Chic

I would buy this again for my other kids

Trail rider/racing, very comfortable
Fly Racing - 2016 F2 Carbon MIPS Zoom Helmet

Best helmet for the price!!!!

My last helmet was a 500+ shoei. The fly helmet is just as good and is more comfortable

Fly Racing - 2015 Kinetic 'Mainline' Mesh Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

Easy to see on the track

My son uses this gear for race day. It is easy to track him during races. I also purchased the matching helmet! Matches perfect! The gloves are a little hard to put on but no biggy. He has commented that it's the most comfortable and breathable and the quality is great. I've washed it a few times already and hasnt started unraveling like the other ...
Fly Racing - Compression Short

Money well spend

These are not armored but do provide enough padding for the tip overs and trees/branches that inevitably hit you all day long when riding in the woods. Glad I bought them. Comfy too, do not bunch up etc.....money well spent.
Fly Racing - Focus Goggle Sale

Clear and tuff

Having used many goggles in my history of riding these are the first that don't feel like they block off any of my sight lines. They are very lite and breath really well on the face.