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BTO Sports is your source for Fly Helmets at great low prices. Fly Racing helmets are one of the most popular helmets that we sell here at BTO Sports, and that is not just for any reason. These helmets come with a great bang for your buck as many people would say. You can jump right into the sport with a helmet from Fly Racing at the entry level Kinetic helmets.

Fly Helmets

Fly Racing Helmets

These dirt bike helmets have a retail price of just over $100 which is a great deal and it will be hard to find any other quality helmets at this price point. The Kinetic line also comes in many different styles. First are the Impulse helmets. Next in the Kinetic helmet line is the Fullspeed. The next level for the Kinetic motocross helmets are the Pro style which are named after some of the biggest pro riders in the industry Trey Canard and Andrew Short. The Kinetic Pro level dirt bike helmets also have a cold weather line which are made to help keep you warm out there, verse the others which are looking for ventilation and to keep you cool. Next on the totem pole is the Trekker adventure helmet. These helmets are made for the dual sport rider and adventure rider. You get quality at a very reasonable price. Once you are no longer an entry level rider in our sport, you can take your motocross helmet game up a notch with the F2 carbons.

Fly Helmets with Mips

These helmets start the top line for Fly Racings. All the F2 helmets are carbon, or carbon composite and come with the benefits that carbon provides. This carbon material helps to reduce weight tremendously, while not sacrificing the strength or protection of the helmet. This is a common material used on all the upper level dirt bike helmets today. Features of this F2 Helmets consist of a composite shell construction, duel density EPS liner, multi-port air induction cooling system, and topping off the F2 carbon is the Snell and DOT approval.

Some of the F2 Carbon Fly Helmets are equipped with a brand new technology system called MIPS. These dirt bike helmets utilize the new technology called MIPS which stands for multi-directional impact protection system. The MIPS system is a newer technological advancement that is being utilized in a wide variety of helmets to maximize the protection of the Fly Helmets as well as the safety of the riders. The MIPS system allows the energy generated from high and low impacts to be dissipated throughout the helmet and decrease the amount of stress that is put onto the brain. This system has been proven to decrease the stress levels the brain endeavors during crash through rigorous lab testing.

This system inside the shell has small, round, dense plastic liner that is mimicking your brains own protection system, your skull, but the technology is designed to help reduce the rotational forces that occur during a crash. The ultimate goal for creating this system is to reduce the amount of stress the brain is exposed to during a crash to help prevent and reduce the amount of concussions and severe brain damage that motocross riders obtain. This system has been tested in labs, and scientifically proven to help reduce those stress levels by having minor rotational effects as the helmet comes in contact with the ground. This small rotation helps bypass the energy that would naturally be released to the brain to other key areas of the helmet which in return lessens the blow to the brain. The Fly racing 2016 F2 Carbon MIPS helmet is a revolutionary helmet and currently one of the best on the market. BTO Sports has this helmet on sale for a fraction of the original price! Check out the full line of Fly helmets today on BTO Sports and find the exact helmet you are looking for.

Fly Helmets On Sale

One important factor for all shoppers out there are great deals. We have a great selection of fly helmets for sale, and some that are up to 50% off. We always have a sale going on, sometimes they can be 10% off and other times they can be 55% off. So you want to do yourself a favor and shop our collection of fly helmets today. You can find these clearance deals under the clearance tab on the website. Once you click on clearance, just sort by brand found on the left hand side and there you will see all your clearance options there. Also please never forget to give us a call 1-888-613-3393 or email if you have any questions. We are here to help.