Fox 360 Gear Combos

Fox 360 Gear

Fox 360 Gear is one of the best gear lines available in not just Fox Racing’s stable of gear lines, but also in the world of motocross. The Fox 360 Honda Gear, Fox 360 Shiv Airline Gear, Fox 360 Cauz Gear, Fox 360 Shiv Gear, and Fox 360 Divizion Gear are all excellent styles that showcase Fox Racing’s expertise in creating a visually pleasing line of motocross gear.

Fox 360 Gear

Fox 360 Gear

The Fox Head is the King of everything moto and it shows. They’ve been around since 1974, and they have the most exciting dirt bike riders out there. Fox 360 Gear consists of specifically made racing jerseys, racing pants, and racing gloves that all match and work together to make an exceptionally handsome gear combo. The Fox Racing Jersey in the 360 line has an incredible amount of airflow that rivals most other jerseys in the dirt bike genre. Not only is staying cool vital for increased performance, but comfort and fit of the jersey is important as well.

Fox Racing has developed a precision fit collar and cuff that is present on all Fox 360 Gear Combos. When your fit is right, you will stay focused and not be distracted by ill-fitting motocross gear. No motocross gear combo is complete without the pants. Fox Racing Pants have always been at the top of the line, and the Fox 360 Gear is no different. All pants in this gear line incorporate the RAP construction, or Rider Attack Position. Fox Racing has constructed the pants in such a way that is a precise fit for riding a dirt bike. Airflow remains constant in this gear line.

Fox Racing 360 Gear Combos

The Fox 360 Gear has a large-hole polyester main body construction that works with a vented TPR thigh that keeps air flowing heavily while you’re on the motocross track. Stretch panels for increased movement and abrasion resistant leather outer panels round out the strength and durability of the Fox Racing Pants in the Fox 360 Gear Line. Gloves protect the most important instruments in operating a dirt bike.

Fox Racing Gloves, and specifically in the Fox 360 Gear Line, have a menagerie of features that set this glove apart from the rest of the gloves available in the dirt bike genre. A silicone grip help you grip your levers and twist that throttle without slipping. Outside of that, Fox Racing has increased breathability on other parts of the glove, using features such as single layer perforated palms. Even with all these features, Fox Racing keeps a high freedom of movement, along with comfortable slip-on ability to round out their highly durable Fox 360 Gear Gloves.

All in all, the Fox Racing has a winner in this gear line. The Fox 360 Gear is one of the top gear lines this year. The combination of high-quality graphics and designs, along with the Fox Racing standard of myriad features, has made this one of the most searched for gear combos available. Grab the Fox 360 Gear and other offerings from Fox Racing online at BTO Sports. We here at www.btosports.com have the newest and greatest from Fox Racing, along with the best sale and clearance items as well.