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Best Fox Racing Boots

Top Fox Racing Boots

Fox Racing boots


Fox racing is an American extreme sports company, primarily motocross, this lifestyle brand has flourished since founded in 1974.  Now, Fox is the global leader in motocross and mountain biking gear.  Fox racing outfits the world’s best competitive athletes and enthusiasts with products that combine innovation and style, all rooted in motocross.  This company began when Geoff Fox founded team Moto-X Fox to compete against Japanese factory teams.  His products proved to be duly warranted when his team became the top fastest non-factory team on the circuit.  This truly proved the product, design, and build were the best money could buy.


Fox racing’s line of boots is a true testament of this history and innovation of the organization.  Fox put time and passion into creating a leading boot in the motocross industry.  In addition to all the protective technology, the color schemes at Fox are unmatched.  Fox produces some of the most vibrant, and noticed color options in motocross.  Having sponsored some of the best in motocross such as Rick Carmichael, Carey Hart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, and Ken Roczen, these boots have been tested.  The best riders in motocross and supercross are wearing Fox boots. 


Fox’s latest instinct boot is by far the most protective boot out there.  The same, time and attention to detail that goes into the rest of their products over flows into the instinct design. Favored by the latest Supercross champion, Ryan Dungey, this boots are nothing short of flawless.  This boot features a sleek profile which gives the rider a closer connection to the bike.  It also attributes unrivaled grip and durability.  Each characteristic of this boot was designed to help the rider dominate the race track.   This boot is said to contain step in comfort with the easy hinge and buckle system.  This creates comfort and locks out stop motion before hyperflexion occurs.  The low chases gives easy access to smooth shifting and better control of the rear brake.


The comp 8 boots are also manufactured with safety and competition in mind.   The comp 8 boot is recognizable in several color option.  The rider can feel confident matching gear and bike.  This Comp 8 boot features exceptional comfort, support, and protection.  The integrated rubber burn guard allows for a precise connection to the bike.  The ankle is also supported by anti-slip suede to keep foot in place.  Thus, the comp 8 is topped off by the steel midsole for added support. 



Fox also produces youth sizes as well, including pee wee.  That way, your kids may be covered by the same protection design as the pros.  Additionally, Fox also produces women sizes.  This is rare, but for years, Fox has supplied a line of boots for women.  Featuring more feminine colors, the women’s line of Comp 5 boots is available at BTO sports.  Fox protective motocross boots is a small microcosm into protecting the rider as a whole.  BTO sports supplies a variety of Fox Racing products.  Shop all Fox products at BTO sports today.  

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