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Fox Head Inc. has been building superior motocross gear for nearly forty years.  And in those years, the highly regard Fox helmets have grown in style, comfort, and durability. 

Fox Racing Helmets

BTO Sports brings you a huge inventory of Fox helmets at affordable prices. From a brand you already know and trust, benefit from unmatched quality and protection from Fox and BTO Sports. Helmets are the single most important piece of protection you need when riding-- whether novice or advanced. You need to be able to depend on the quality of your helmet should you have an accident. With the Fox brand, you'll benefit from unbeatable protection, comfort, and style while you ride.

Fox Helmet

Fox dirt bike helmets allow you to have top protection with a great fit to stay protected no matter your riding style or riding conditions. We offer a large inventory of helmet sizes, styles, and special features to not only protect you while you ride, but have you looking great while benefiting from a comfortable helmet. Delivering unmatched motocross gear in the industry for 40 years, Fox racing gear has everything you're looking for. We offer helmets for men, women, and children, while delivering affordable prices. Plus, we have an extensive selection of colors and graphics so you'll find exactly what you need.

Fox V2 Helmets

The top rated helmets will put your mind at ease as you'll know you have the best protection on the market. Plus, the helmets offer great features, such as full face and open face options and vent control for a comfortable ride. Whether you're hitting the trails or riding on the street, these helmets will keep you comfortable and protected. With a trusted name like Fox, you'll benefit from unmatched durability so you know you'll be getting the best helmet for your money. Plus, you'll find the perfect style and fit.

Invest in your protection, comfort, and style with helmets from Fox and BTO Sports. Check out our huge inventory of Fox headgear.Fox Racing has decided to break down their motocross helmets into four different levels of helmets starting with their entry level V1 helmet which start at a retail price around $170 and going all the way up to their V4 helmets which have a retail price around $590. They have broken down the helmet options into these four category levels to accommodate all the different level of motocross riders out there.


V1 Helmets

V1 Helmets Fox Racing’s V1 dirt bike helmets are the entry level helmet that Fox has made to accommodate the beginner riders out there. If you are just getting started in the sport and not quite sure what brand or price point is a good place to start, look no further than the Fox V1 motocross helmet. With a retail price of around $170 it will be hard to find a better looking and functioning motocross helmet by one of the most reputable brands Fox Racing. These fox helmets are of coarse ECE and DOT approved providing that essential protection as well as having that clean look to them. These entry level dirt bike helmets also include 9 intake scoops to help grab as much air as possible and passing it through to the 4 exhaust vents on your helmet keeping your head cool while out there riding. Also something new for the V1 fox helmets are the injection molded polycarbonate shell construction. This allows for the helmet to improve on the structural integrity of the helmet.


V2 Helmets

V2 HelmetsFox Racings V2 dirt bike helmets are the next step up on the helmet latter for the rider out there that has found a love for the sport and knows they will be riding their motorcycle for a long time to come. These fox helmets have a retail price at around $300 and are able to offer more features than their little brother the V1. The fox helmets are of coarse ECE and DOT approved making sure you know the helmets will proved that protection. The helmets also have 10 intake scoops on the front of the helmet to help capture passing air and push it through the helmet and out the 4 exhaust vents. This truly does make a difference when trying to keep your head cool while riding. The V2 fox helmet also has a fiberglass shell construction helping reduce the weight of the helmet while not sacrificing any of the strength or protection qualities. So if you are looking for a step up from entry level style fox helmets look no further than the V2.

V3 Helmets

V3 HelmetsFox Racing V3 dirt bike helmets are getting into the pro level style helmets. These fox helmets have a retail price around $450 which can seem high for riders who are not competing yet or haven’t found the true love of the sport. These fox helmets of coarse exceed the ECE and DOT safety standards for helmet regulations and also include 14 intake scoops. That is 4 extra intake scoops compared to the V2 fox helmets which will add even more airflow through the helmet keeping your head cool and moving out the 4 exhaust vents. The shell on these fox helmets are composed of a multiple composite technology which allows for super strength while staying extremely light weight. Also something brand new for 2016 V3 fox helmets are the MIPS technology. This is a new technology that helps reduce the rotational forces that are caused from a crash. There is a small additional liner inside the fox helmet that acts like your brains protective fluid which helps to reduce those rotational forces.

V4 Helmets

V4 HelmetsFox Racing V4 dirt bike helmets are the top of the helmet latter for Fox. These fox helmets don’t get much better and the price point will re-assure you of this with a retail price at around $590. These helmets of coarse exceed the ECE and DOT safety standards like all fox helmets do, but also include one extra intake scoop then the V3. This helmet has 15 intake scoops but the most noticeable difference is the 8 exhaust vents which double the amount of exhaust vents the V3 helmet has. This allows for arguably the best airflow for any dirt bike helmet on the market. The shell of these fox helmets are composed of carbon fiber which make sure to keep the helmets as light as absolute possible. And to top all of this off the V4 fox helmets also include the new MIPS technology. Again this technology is designed to act like the protective fluid in your skull that helps protect your brain when impacts occur. If you are looking to protect your most important asset with the very best, I would look no further than the Fox Racing V4 helmet.

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Fox Helmet Reviews

Fox Racing - 2015 V3 Savant Helmet

My 3rd V3

Venting is really good in this helmet! I guess to be critical I would say this helmet moves to much on my head but it may be the MIPS system that I need to get used to. The visor is a little small as others have mentioned. It's lame there is no extra visor now!!
Fox - 2016 V2 Vicious Helmet

Outstanding Graphics!

Love the new helmet, Gents - thank you very much for the prompt service! Will spread the BTO word!
Fox Racing - 2016 V4 Libra Helmet

GREAT helmet.

Love it, boys! Bravo.

Fox - 2015 V1 LE Camo Helmet


I use this helment every time I'm riding my dirt bike no matter racing or just trail riding.The great part at the v1 is its price it's one of the best helments iv had everything is on point with it true to size,very flashy,very durable and the best part is how light it is feels like your wearing nothing on your head
Fox Racing - 2015 V4 Race Helmet

I would buy another V4

Overall it is a very good helmet. Fit, finish, paint, are all first rate and the mips system offers great safety.
Fox Racing - 2015 V3 Marz Helmet
Fox Racing - 2015 V3 Marz Helmet

Jeremy Beckers #933

V3 2015 Fox Marz Helmet

I love this Helmet! I love the colors on it & the helmet has a great design on it! It fits great & is very comfortable I recommend this helmet to anyone! -Jeremy Beckers #933