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Best Fox Racing Protection

Top Fox Racing Protection

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Fox racing is an American extreme sports company, primarily motocross, this lifestyle brand has flourished since founded in 1974.  Now, Fox is the global leader in motocross and mountain biking gear.  Fox racing outfits the world’s best competitive athletes and enthusiasts with products that combine innovation and style, all rooted in motocross.  This company began when Geoff Fox founded team Moto-X Fox to compete against Japanese factory teams.  His products proved to be duly warranted when his team became the top fastest non-factory team on the circuit.  This truly proved the product, design, and build were the best money could buy.  Fox Racings protective gear includes roost deflectors, guards, pads, belts, base layers, and more. 


 Fox racing’s protection products is a true testament of this history and innovation of the organization.  Fox put time and passion into creating protective products for the motocross industry.  In addition to all the protective technology, the color schemes at Fox are unmatched.  Fox produces some of the most vibrant, and noticed color options in motocross.  Having sponsored some of the best in motocross such as Rick Carmichael, Carey Hart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, and Ken Roczen, these Fox products have been tested.  The best riders in motocross and supercross are wearing Fox Racing.


The Fox Racing Profame LC Roost Deflector is the best on the market.  This product is known for being worn in harsh environments to ensure your body does not get bruised from rocks and other elements.  More popular in motocross and offroad, the Fox Racing roost deflector will protect your body in any case.  Some riders take this piece of protection for granted.  The roost guard is essential for finishing any grueling ride or race.  If your body just keeps getting bruised and battered by the elements, it makes the rider more tired.  Essentially, not producing as much energy because it is now healing bruises that could have been prevented by a Fox Racing deflector.  Fox supplies many options for roost deflectors.  Keep your torso free from bruises and buy a Fox Racing roost deflector at BTO sports now. 


Additionally, Fox Racings latest roost deflector represents the latest in motocross protective technology.  This product is known as the Raptor Vest.  The Raptor Vest comes in several color option so the rider can always match their bike.  Additionally, the Raptor Vest features full wrap body coverage, adjustable shoulder/bicep coverage, and an integrated buckle system.  This Fox Racing roost reflector is also neck brace compatible with an adjustable front plate.  Fox Racing supplies protective gear for all riders from entry level to professional.  Fox Racings line of protective gear has everything to keep the riders safe.  This expands into kidney belts, base layer protection, guards, and more. 



Fundamentally, Fox racing creates the best protective gear with one goal in mind; to maximize athletic performance.   This is warranted by all their championship athletes, more notably Ryan Dungey and his 4th Supercross championship.  Champions wear Fox, be a champion.  BTO sports supplies a variety of Fox Racing products.  Buy yours today at BTO Sports.