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Dirt Bike Goggles

MX Goggles

When riding or racing motocross, one aspect of protective gear you can’t go without is motocross goggles. Dirt bike goggles are specially made for our sport, designed to fit in a motocross helmet, and they provide protection to our eyes. Dirt bike goggles protect you from roost, tree branches, rocks, mud, sand, you name it.

Dirt Bike Goggles

Dirt Bike Goggles

There are many different models of goggles which vary by brand, frame, color, and lenses. For example, tinted motocross goggles shield the sun on a bright day, while some other models have a tear off or roll off system to keep your vision clear on muddy days. There are really 4 different aspects of dirt bike goggles you should consider when making a purchase. These consist of the goggle frames, lenses, foam, and goggle accessories. It’s important to choose the right goggles to ensure you’re not distracted when riding/racing. We’ll break down the different aspects of dirt bike goggles below.

Dirt Bike Goggle Frames

Goggle frames can vary by brand and model. They come in many different shapes, changing the peripheral vision, and the venting. A classic goggle with a standard frame would be something like the Scott Goggles Recoil Mx Goggle . Most goggles that fall into the mid-price range have a more aggressive frame, allowing for better peripherals, more vents, and higher quality venting foam to keep dust out.

They are also typically more flexible to offer a snug fit to your face. Sometimes the frame will have "out riggers" which help hold the goggle snug to your face. A good example of a quality mid-range goggle is the Von Zipper Goggles – Beefy Model.   In recent years, the motocross industry has seen a huge advancement in dirt bike goggles. The frames have become more streamlined, strengthened, and designed in a way to swap lenses out much quicker and easier. An innovative model that changed the dirt bike goggle world is the Oakley Goggles – Airbrake

MX Goggle Lens

Goggle lenses play a major role when it comes to setting up your goggles for the day. With most motocross goggle frames, the lenses are interchangeable. You have the option to replace the lens to adjust for the conditions of the day, whether it’s for the lighting, or if it’s for the dirt. When practicing or racing on a motocross track, you’ll definitely want to get some tear offs, as when the track is watered, the roost will stick to your lens.

If this is the type of riding you plan on doing, be sure to get some lenses that have tear off posts. If the conditions are really muddy, you may consider adding extra tear offs, or purchasing laminated tear offs. Standard tear offs come individually which you will layer onto your goggles. Laminated tear offs come “laminated” together, and prevent water and dirt from getting stuck in between layers. Roll off systems are great in the mud, and also OHV areas where you don’t want to leave trash behind. Here’s a good basis when choosing lenses for different lighting conditions

Mirror – Glare/Bright light
Smoke – Bright/Medium light
Blue – Medium/Overcast Light
Orange – Overcast/Low Light
Yellow – Overcast/Low Light
Persimmon – Overcast/Low Light
Clear – All

Dirt Bike Goggle Foam

Different motocross goggle foam also affects the rider. Foams differ by density, and moisture wicking material. Not much to learn here rather than the better sweat resistant the foam, the more money. Furthermore, dirt bike goggles like “sand” goggles typically have denser foam to keep sand and fine grains of dirt out of your face. Aside from the frame, lens and foam, it’s really up to the rider to decide on color. Check out the 100 Goggles - Racecraft , this model offers many different colors to choose from. Some riders like to match their gear, helmet, bike, or not to match at all! Other accessories you can add to your motocross goggle arsenal include Anti Fog goggle spray, nose guards, and goggle bags for when you’re going to and from the track.

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