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Dirt Bike Handguards

Motorcycle Handguards

BTO Sports has one of the best supplies of handguards at your disposal. Check out our top brands today and save some extra cash for track fees with our low prices and great sales.


Dirt Bike Handguards

BTO Sports has been in the motocross industry since 1999 when Vince Arimitsu started the company. After years of gaining treasured experience, BTO Sports has been able to develop into an upper echelon company that supports handfuls of riders to help them prevail within the sport of motocross. Our ability to maintain a renowned reputation and provide riders with top tier products from the most trusted motocross companies around the world.

I was never a person who would put handguards on my dirt bike, but after countless encounters from shrubs and low hanging tree branches I quickly began to second guess my thoughts. The endless supply of handguards BTO Sports supplies can give you adequate protection and added flare to your dirt bike. We supply our customers with top tier brands such as: Acerbis and Cycra . These brands are known to have high quality materials and a vast selection of different guards to fit your specific style and color scheme. Whether you are looking for handguards to fully deflect roots, rocks and other debris or provide yourself with lesser protection but added airflow, we have you covered!

Being able to provide these riders with products that are reliable and trusted by professional AMA Motocross and Supercross teams around the world at an affordable price is our goal. We strive to gain customers through our wide selection of motocross gear and these handguards are just one of the thousands of products you can search from. Dirt bike handguards are more important than the average individual would think and provide adequate protection against roost, rocks, and other debris that could damage or even break your hands.

Motorcycle Handguards

Handguardshave a high demand in specific professional AMA Motocross and Supercross races, but that is highly dependent on which tracks are being raced. Sand tracks and more rocky and rugged tracks are typically the ones where you will see most riders using Acerbis Uniko and Cycra Rebounds. Take Southwick, Unadilla, and Washougal for instant. These tracks are known to be more treacherous and have higher potential to damage a rider’s dirt bike controls, and hands.

Handguards play a vital role in making it to the checkered flag and could keep you riding throughout the entire season by staying out of the hospital. These handguards are some of the best on the market and we are pleased to provide our riders and customers with some of the best motocross handguards on the market. Thank you for shopping at BTO Sports; we greatly appreciate your business and if you need any assistance with your purchase contact us immediately!

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