Hour Meters

Dirt Bike Hour Meters

Hour meters are an important and essential dirt bike accessory that is available at BTOsports.com. Some of our hour meters are currently on sale and with our wide selection, you will be able to find the perfect hour meter for your dirt bike.


Dirt Bike Hour Meters

Hour meters are an essential aftermarket accessory to put on your dirt bike for various reasons. Hour meters track how much time has been put on your engine, and engine components to give you an idea of when would be an ideal time make changes to your engine components. Whether you are a racer or just an average dirt bike rider who loves the sport, hour meters are a very useful tool to help you keep up with bike maintenance and keep your dirt bike running to perfection. We have a wide variety of hour meters to shop for from top name brands like MSR, Pro Taper, Works Connection, Hardline, Get and much, much more!

Wireless Hour Meters

The Pro taper hour meter is one that most of my friends run because it is extremely easy to install, there are no wires to tape up, plug in, or worry about. Simply stick it on your dirt bike and go. This is a compact and lightweight hour meter that has an easy to read display. You are capable of resetting the partial engine hour count but the total engine hour count is not resettable. This hour meter measures up to 999.5 total hours, and is constructed with aIP68 resistant plastic case. This hour meter is currently on sale at 10% off so shop now are start saving with this great deal on the Pro Taper Wireless hour meter.

Another Wireless hour meter that is on sale is the Get C1 wireless engine hour meter. This dirt bike accessory is 28.9% off of its original value which makes it a no brainer. This is an easy to read hour meter that has a small, yet bright display. You stick this hour meter on your dirt bike and it picks up the engine by wave frequencies that flow through the surface it sits on. This wireless hour meter has a 3 year battery life span. If you have any questions feel free to contact us immediately.

The MSR hour meter is another wireless hour meter that we carry, but it is not currently on sale. This hour meter can record up to 9,999 hours, is constructed from 100% epoxy encapsulated casing that is water resistant. With this MSR hour meter, worrying about water damage, riding on muddy tracks or through rainy conditions is a thing of the past. This hour meter has a nice hour glass symbol that tells you when the time is being counted so you know exactly when it is on and off. It comes with all the hardware you need to attach it to your dirt bike so all you need to do is purchase, install, and ride!

Other Hour Meters

There are many other hour meters to choose from like Trail tech, which is a highly advanced digital gauge that can track your top speed, current speed, and average speed in MPH or KHPM. It is also capable of recording mileage with a permanent odometer, hours on the engine, ride time, temperature, and so much more! This is a sick display gauge that can do everything one of these hour meters can, and more! With all that, you would think I wouldn’t have anything else to say about it, but this Trail Tech gauge also allows you to red lap times and gives you reminders on when to check oil or make routine maintenance checks. On sale for 10% off, this hour meter/display gauge is a great purchase for all motorcycle riders.

We also carry handfuls of hour meters that do require wire installation like the Works Connection Resettable hour meter. This hour meter has five different display screens/modes that allows you to record max RPMS from the current ride and resets automatically on your next ride; it also has a tach display that shows current RPM as the engine is running. It measures up to 19,999 RPMS and can track up to 9,999 hours. Even though this hour meter requires wire installation, it is incredibly easy as the wire lead easily wraps around the spark plug wire.