Ignition Units

dirt bike ignition accessories

BTO Sports has ignition control modules that can help increase the performance of your dirt bike or motorcycle. These are easy to install and use power units that can program your dirt bike to have proper air to fuel ratios for carbureted and fuel injection dirt bikes


Dirt Bike Ignition Parts

We have handfuls of these types of ignition units and accessories to choose from like the Get Power ECU, the Get GP1/RX1 EVO ECU, the Get lap timer and VTI configurator and other accessories like the Billet ignition and Timing plugs and ignition cover, and Get Power ECU accessories. BTO Sports strives to provide our customers with everything we need to get them back on the bike as soon as possible and help increase their riding experience with every twist of the throttle.

The Get power ECU ignition module is currently on sale for 18% off and is compatible with various makes and models of dirt bikes. This ECU unit helps improve dirt bike performance by increasing horsepower, acceleration and throttle control. It comes installed with preset maps so you can upload them instantly and you can also upload other engine maps for a more finely tuned setup. You are able to see the difference of power gains with each map by viewing the power graphs at www.getdata.it and adjust your settings accordingly.

Another great device that can be used to adjust engine performance is the Get 60s Log (lap timer). This ECU device can be mounted on fat or standard bars so make sure you select the right type of mounting kit for your size of handlebars. This is a GPS lap timer that has a built-in data logger and is powered by batteries that have enough juice to last for 6 continuous hours. The lap timing data logger can show live lap times is able to have 4 split times so you can get an accurate reading throughout your motos. This is a must have dirt bike accessory for the avid motocross racer.

Dirt Bike Ignition Accessories

The Ignition accessories like the Pro Circuit billet ignition cover and the Ride engineering billet ignition and timing plugs are great products that can add a custom look to your dirt bike and give it a factory look! The Ride Engineering Billet ignition and timing plugs are made from aerospace quality aluminum that reduces the risk of oil loss from a punctured, cracked, or damaged plastic plug. These dirt bike accessories are precision machined so there is a perfect fitment and seal for almost every dirt bike make and model. Their colors are dependent on which type of bike you have so make sure you are getting the right plug for your make and model of dirt bike (red or black for Honda, green for Kawi, and so on)!

The Pro Circuit Billet ignition cover is a great dirt bike part to replace your stock ignition cover as it is stronger and harder than your stock one. This part is CNC machined from Billet 6061 T6 aluminum which gives it its strength and rigidity. The surface of this billet ignition cover is anodized to help increase the hardness and improve is resistance to wear and tear. What makes this an easy part to install is that it utilizes the stock mounting hardware so there is no additional hardware to purchase ( the Pro Circuit plugs are an optional purchase).