Intake Parts

BTO Sports has a wide variety of intake parts and components that will get your dirt bike running to its full potential once again. If you are looking for reed valves, throttle bodies, quick starts, and other intake parts for your dirt bike, check out what we have to offer below!


Intake Parts

Intake components are one part of your dirt bike that should never be over looked. Without adequate airflow, fuel ratios, or throttle responses, you may find yourself limited and even immobile when it comes time to ride. These parts are here to help you get your bike running at peak performance to keep you riding at your full potential.

There are handfuls of companies that produce top of the line intake parts for your dirt bike. V-force, Boysen, Moto Tassinari, and Twin Air are some of the major companies that produce intake parts for you to choose from.

Reed valve Intake Parts

Reed Valves are one of the major components of the intake system that allow your dirt bike to run at an optimal level of performance. There are multiple types of reed valves made from various companies so you should have no problem finding the right one for you. Thanks to the technological advancements that we as humans have been able to accomplish, companies have been able to finely tune reed valves to make them more durable and effective than ever before.

What the reed valve does is act as a one way passage for fuel and air. The Reed valve allows fuel and air to pass through the carb and engine as the reed pedals “pulse” simultaneously with the engine cycle. The more throttle you give, the faster those reeds slap against the block allowing your dirt bike to run at race performance levels. As this happens your reeds will eventually wear out and need to be replaced; a simple way to extend the life span is to lay off the rev limiter, but let’s face it as a racer that is nearly impossible.

There are multiple types of styles of reed valves to choose from which allow you to tune your dirt bike hit harder at low, mid, and high rpms. The shorter petals of a reed valve have less distance to travel which will give your 2 stroke more mid-range power whereas the stiffer and slightly longer reed valve petals will give you greater outputs at high rpms. The reed valves increase engine power, throttle response, and overall give you, and your bike, an edge over the competition.

Intake Throttle Body kit

Another valuable intake part is the Throttle Body Kit made by Twin Air. The Powerflow Throttle body kit is a newly redefined intake part that has been proven to increase low to mid-range throttle response. How Twin Air accomplished this revolutionary design is by engineering a precision throttle body sleeve that has a reduced diameter to accelerate the velocity of your fuel to air ratio. As Motocross Action Magazine states “ Downsizing the throttle increases velocity – which pays dividends in the low-to-mid range.”.

Don’t just trust one magazine article though, take it from the pros who race for Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit team. Mitch Payton has utilized Twin Air filters and intake parts since the early 90’s and has no intention of deviating away from the parts that have made his team so successful. There are plenty of products to choose from so make sure you are getting the right one for your dirt bike. If you have any questions regarding your new purchase, give us a call and we will be happy to help you get the correct part.